Book Bloggers! Help Needed

This post may seem weird, but I’d rather ask this question than not ask it.  I’ve been questioning my blog name. Can I get your opinion on it??

I picked Novelties because I thought it was unique. Now I think it’s too vague. I see many book bloggers have a relevant blog name, but I wonder if mine doesn’t say “Look at me! I’m a  book blog!” And I also worry about how easy readers can search my blog on search engines. I may have to keep “Siobhan’s” in front of the blog name (not something I want to do).

This is the best time to switch things over. What do you think?


Any help is appreciated. Thanks!




6 thoughts on “Book Bloggers! Help Needed

    • Thank you, deary! 🙂 I hate that I keep questioning the name. I keep saying to myself, “I thought we went over this. It’s good. No, wait. Let’s rethink this name.”

      It’s bloody annoying.


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