Bookish Finds (4)

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Bookish Finds is a monthly series that features bookish products. This month’s post will showcase all things I’d love to see under my Christmas tree. ‘Tis the season for hot chocolate. Fa la la la la, la la la la.

Happy sipping, elves and reindeer.


Harry Potter Hedwig Mug

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 8.07.03 PM.png

You may not have received your Hogwarts letter or your owl (I’m still waiting, Rowling…), but you can cozy up next to fire with your very own Hedwig mug.


Game of Thrones Cookbook


Why not switch up your Christmas feast with this Game of Thrones cookbook. A little blood, guts, gore, and a delectable rack of lamb will always get you in the spirit of Christmas, right?


Harry Potter Ornaments


Well, looky there, I don’t have to pick a House. Don’t hurt me, but I’m still deciding! Ahem…

Decorate your tree with these nerdy Harry Potter-inspired ornaments. You receive a set of six and can customize them by having them stained, painted, or left in the natural wood finish. Just don’t let Crookshanks near them, though.


Reading Mug


The perfect mug for every book lover. You can also customize your mug too. Stallings and Son offers many colour options, and you can even add some glitter.

I think it’s sad when a mug is much more nicer than I am. I’d have a few choice words with the person who thinks bugging when I’m reading is a great plan. But sometimes you must be more direct and spell it out for the poor guy.


Indigo’s Reading Socks


I’m a sucker for socks and grey, so I have to add these cozy pair. Reading is serious business, so Indigo has released a whole line of Reading Socks. Oh, if you aren’t a fan of them, you can grab yourself a pair of slippers as well.

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