Beyond the Blurb | So You Hate Your Blog Name

Are you in the same situation as I’m in, where you hate the name you picked for your blog? I don’t blame you. I’ve reached my two-year blogging anniversary, and yet I can’t stand looking at my URL. In my defence, I picked it when I couldn’t get the word novelties by itself. And I regret that moment ever since.

I’ve picked a new one. And hopefully, I can still get to keep my followers once I switch over to it. But now, I’ll have to look into a WP subscription in order to keep everything I’ve created. And while that step is annoying, I’m happy to make the change. I need it. And more importantly, I want it.

So what do you do when you’re stuck in this dilemma? Here is some advice that may help you pick a new blog name or find the right one for you when you already have one:


1. Research and See What Other Bloggers Have Picked

Before you even decide to start a blog, look at which names have already been taken. A lot of book blogs may have the words read, night/midnight, chapters, spine, reader, paper, or page/pages. While I like them, I think moving beyond them will make yours stand out. However, the word book/books is a perfectly fine option either way. If you want to use those words, go with something unique. Change it up so your name doesn’t blend in with the others. And look into blog subscriptions so you can keep it for good.

Here are some names, while a few are common, actually work:

A Page with a View: I love how this name tells a story. Even though it uses the word page, it’s unique and fresh.

Read at Midnight: Clear and precise, this name tells the readers what this blog is about.

Nose Graze: Unique, highly original and memorable, this name will always be my favourite.

The Reader and the Chef: This one goes with a theme and stands out from the rest.

My Friends Are Fiction: Alliteration will be popular with bloggers.


2. DON’T DO WHAT I HAVE DONE. Really. I mean that. Don’t do it.

Don’t pick just a random name because you’ll regret it. I don’t know how many times I need to use full caps, but don’t go down the road I’ve gone. It’s costly and annoying.


3. Figure Out What Your Brand Is

This tip is important. Figure out what it is before you move forward. Are you a book, fashion, lifestyle, food, or life blogger? What do you want your name to stand for? Once you find that answer, you’ll have a better chance at picking a name.


4. Talk with Other Bloggers and Bounce Ideas Off of Them

I picked my new name by talking with a fellow blogger, Danya @ Fine Print. Sometimes, getting a second opinion will do wonders for you. Trust me. Even now, I’d love to bounce my ideas off of some more bloggers just to see if the name I’ve picked is good.


5. Accept That It’s Okay to Change Your Name

If you hate it, change it. And you know what? I know many bloggers who have changed their names several years in. Ashley from Nose Graze changed her name two years in. Don’t be afraid of change. It’ll bring in a new stage to your blogging.


6. When You Have Picked a New Name, Announce It Multiple Times, over Multiple Platforms!

And this final step is vital as well. Don’t just change it and forget to tell your followers. They’ll have a hard time finding your blog. And you don’t want that. Break it to them that you want to change your name, and you’re in the process of doing so.

If you want, you can leave your blog theme and design the same for a month or two so they can see that your blog is the same. The name has just changed. And yes, this point is where I say I’m changing my blog name.

So what are your thoughts about changing a blog name? What do you think about doing it? Are you in the same situation as I’m in? Let’s chat!

20 thoughts on “Beyond the Blurb | So You Hate Your Blog Name

    • Interesting! I don’t mind that kind of difference between name and URL. I’ve seen that before, especially for writers. It works quite well for them.

      And I’ve also seen this for bloggers who don’t want to go through the process of changing everything.


  1. This is such a great post and thanks for the mention! It’s definitely daunting to settle with a name. Back in the day I wondered if we had done the right choice, but now my sister and I don’t think we’d ever be anything but The Reader and the Chef. But it’s great that you are deciding to change your name because you are the one that must feel good about it the most. I’ve seen many change their names, and while it is a struggle to remember the change, it definitely worked to see them talk about it constantly! 🙂

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    • Sorry for the late reply!

      You’re welcome! I’ve been following your IG handle for a while, and your name definitely drew me in. I can’t imagine it being anything but this.

      Thank you for the reassurance! I’ve been worrying about it for such a long time, wondering if the name I’ve picked will be okay.


    • I think I never questioned if I’d be fine with it. Originally, I just wanted Novelties, yet it’s so hard to look up without my name attached.

      That’s good to hear though! I may be asking for some before I change mine!

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  2. I think a lot of bloggers find themselves on a crossroads at some point where their blog name is concerned. You grow as a person and as a blogger along the way and sometimes you feel your blog name doesn’t really show that progress. Or it sounds “too young”, “too similar to others”, “too normal”. Whatever reason there is, people shouldn’t be afraid to change their name!

    I still don’t regret mine – and I hope I never will. The only issue I’m struggling with right now is how I incorporated the munches-part by adding food to my reviews. Right now I’m short on time so.. making the food I need is being delayed and delayed even more, which causes reviews to pile up in my drafts.. I’m thinking of figuring out something new munches-wise but we’ll see!

    Changes aren’t a bad thing and since we still blog because we love blogging, we should also be the ones feeling good about our blog name.

    Awesome post! 🙂

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    • Thank you, deary 💜

      I didn’t think of the implications of not liking my blog name until a few months into blogging. And like you’ve said, I’ve grown and feel like the change is needed to reflect that. I do have a name in mind and hope to change in the near future.

      I don’t think anyone would mind if you forgo the munches part. You don’t need to include it all the time. The posts you create are what keep people coming back.

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      • Pretty sure none of us think that far ahead when first starting a blog. Unless you already had one in the past, it simply doesn’t occur to us how we might outgrow the thing we’ve created ourselves.
        Looking forward to finding out your new name!

        That’s true, but I still want some fixed way for it to be included in my blog. Even if it would be “degraded” to a monthly thing. I’ll have to brainstorm over it. 🙂

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      • Agreed. I’m just looking forward to finally change it. I need a kick to get to changing it 😂

        Monthly may actually work quite well. You can pick which books you want to feature the munches, then make a series out of it. I can’t wait to see it!

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      • Totally relate with when I changed the whole look of my blog! I was constantly adapting my graphics and finetuning things but I needed a kick in the butt to put it all online and stop procrastinating, haha.

        Oooooor a “this munches from this book and HERE IS THE RECIPE” or something. OR both. Or.. I don’t know. I need to think this through so I can make it doable with everything changing in my life right now, haha.

        Liked by 1 person

      • 😂😂😂

        Omg, that’s totally me. I put in so much effort, or I want to get these things out. But by the end of the day, I just forget to put it up.

        Ooo, I like that idea too. If you need to bounce some ideas off me, let me know!

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