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Happy Friday!

This topic has floated around in my mind for some time. I’m more of a predictable reader when it comes to genres though. But I want to change things up. I want to explore more I usually don’t read and take a risk. I typically stay with fantasy, then venture into sub-genres from there. However, I want to find more authors, stories, and fandoms. But I’m always wary over new series I’m not sure I’ll love or am worried to waste my time and my money on. But no more.

So do you feel the way as I do? I don’t blame you for not taking the plunge. There are so many genres out there, so what ones are you looking to venture into? Which ones are you still not sure of? Stick to the tried-and-true ones. See which ones fellow bloggers love the most. And from there, find a book that interests you.

So here are some of the few genres I want to read more of eventually:


Science Fiction

I haven’t always enjoyed reading sci-fi. I’m more of a sci-fi movie lover (oddly enough). For me, I feel it has typically been an iffy genre to love. I can’t remember the reason why I fell out of love with it but have been seeing more sci-fi books come out lately, and I can’t help but gravitate toward them. I love how they’ve evolved over the last few years.


Romance (Particularly the Sub-Genres)

I’m starting to love romance, even though, for a long time, I’ve avoided it at all costs. I enjoy reading romance in other genres, especially paranormal. But until this year, I never took the big leap into it. However, I’ve just been too judgemental over it for no reason. Or perhaps, my tastes in books have changed.

I find romance overwhelming, and I don’t blame readers who aren’t sure where to start.


High Fantasy

Yes, I caught the TOG bug (god help my credit card with all the KOA book boxes I’ve just bought 😭). And I need to find more high fantasy books, stat! I never stuck with high fantasy. For years, I’ve stayed with urban fantasy and just fantasy. But I’ve been loving the detail and the complex plots and characters. I know I need to catch up.



I sometimes find thrillers to be predictable. I don’t like when the bad guys go off ranting about the reasons why they commit these heinous acts. I. Don’t. Care. That’s sloppy storytelling. And it just kills the entire atmospheric tone to the book. But I hope I can find books that don’t do this.

So find a series that stands out from the rest, then go from there.



I rarely read this genre, and yet it’s one of my favourites. But I rarely find a great story I want to jump into. However, more authors are exploring it and making it into their own.


I’d love to find more series, so let’s chat! Do you have a recommendation I might like? Which genres are your go-to books? And what ones do you not like?

8 thoughts on “Beyond the Blurb | Genres I Hope to Read More Of

  1. I just adore High Fantasy and Historical Fiction – especially when the two are woven seamlessly together. I was a huge Downton Abbey lover and I’ve just picked up Suitors and Sabotage from my local book store which looks very promising. I’ll have to let you know what I think. Other than that I love the Passenger Duology by Alexandra Bracken and the Falconer Trilogy by Elizabeth May (Both Historical reads that blend a little fantasy). Outlander is my favorite Historical read though – James Fraser is such a swoonworthly specimen! 😉

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    • I’ve read several high fantasy historicals, but there are few out there though.

      Oh, I’ve heard of that one! I’d love to read the Stalking Jack the Ripper series as well.

      !!! I love Outlander and that glorious man. It could do away with some of the graphic scenes, but it’s one of my favourite series and tv show.

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      • I know right? There are actually episodes that I just can’t stomach. The episode in the first season where Jamie is abused by Jack Randal… I can’t even watch it – it’s horrible! Poor Jamie! I’m super pumped for season 4 though, season 3 was the best yet so you just know that season 4 is going to be epic!


  2. I’ve gotten really into thrillers this year. I’ve also been feeling like reading more romance lately. One book I’m really excited to read is The Kiss Quotient. I love this post! It really got me thinking about branching out with what I read 🙂


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