Beyond the Blurb | I Wish Authors Wouldn’t…

Hey, everyone!

Who’s hating Mondays and wishing the weekend can be extended another three more days? πŸ™‹πŸ» I just want more time to binge read. I’ve been getting into Heir of Fire, and I want nothing more than to finish it and start the fourth book. But life likes to remind me that I have obligations and must be an adult.

I hope I don’t get killed or hated for this post, but I’ve been wanting to talk about some topic for some time. And I know I’m not the only blogger who thinks of them. So here are my top five issues I have when authors do the following:


Kill Off Their Main Character

WHY. MUST. THEY. DO. THIS?! 😐 I understand the book is theirs. But it unnerves me to no end when authors fall on this play. I loathe this trope. As a reader and a writer, I can’t stand it, and it ruins my love for a series.


Heavily Hint at a Couple But Kill the Relationship

Again, this decision doesn’t serve the story. It simply hurts and divides the fandom, which will eventually fight over it. I know of several authors who have pulled off this trope off. Now, couples can always end and find new lovers. Great. The problem I take issue with is when authors ship said couple, then not explain why those two characters shouldn’t be together. Or worse: let the fandom argue over it.


Don’t Own Up to Their Mistakes

Does everyone remember the Cocky Gate brought to you by Faleena Hopkins? Yeah, I think everyone in the world knows who she is. I can safely assume that author has killed off her career when she decided to trademark the word cocky. And she didn’t own up to the problem. She basked in it.

Now, when these authors realize they’ve screwed up and try to fix the problem, they gain my respect. I won’t judge them. They’re human. But when they don’t, readers are left in the mess.


Attack Bloggers because of Their Review

One reason why I was hesitant to be a blogger is the backlash some bloggers face when they post their review. I’m a writer, and I used to be an artist. So I understand where authors come from. I understand how they can react to an awful review. However, once a piece is released to the world, there isn’t much they can do. Books will be reviewed. Stories will either be loved or be hated. And they should move on, which doesn’t always happen.

So what do you hate authors doing? Do you think we readers are too harsh on them? Or do you believe there’s a line authors shouldn’t cross? Let’s chat. I’d love to hear from you.

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