Top Ten Tuesday | Books to Pull You Out of a Reading Slump

Happy Tuesday, book fam!

I hope your week is turning out great. This month, I’ve been catching up on some series that have sat on TBR list for years. And I’m so happy I did.

Over the last few years, I’ve noticed I’m more of a mood reader. And unfortunately, I sometimes find myself in the dread reading slump, which conveniently is this week’s topic for Top Ten Tuesday, now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

And of course, I struggle with the topic. So I’ll highlight some books I don’t always list in my TTT posts. I hope you like my list (I’m still debating my choices πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ)!

Our Dark Duet

I haven’t read all of Victoria’s books, but one series, besides her debut one, that sticks out to me is her Monsters of Verity. The entire premise of the series is so unique that I always recommend it to fellow readers. While the plot is complex, I feel the series is more character-driven. Morally corruptness rules over compassion. And Our Dark Duet reminds me of how our society is evolving into just that.


City of the Lost

I’m always a sucker for a well-written thriller. Any of Kelley’s books will get me out of a slump. But this series is one to beat. The atmospheric tone will keep you up late at night, and Kelley pulls you into a multi-layered world.


Heir of Fire

I SHOULD HAVE READ THIS SERIES SOONER. After finishing Crown of Midnight, I thought I’d switch up my TBR pile and go straight into a sci-fi. Wrong move. I was quickly slipping into a slump, so I knew I had to read the Heir of Fire, and I’m thrilled I did. Celaena’s growth has improved, and I’m loving the Rowelin vibes.


Caster Chronicles Series

Caster Chronicles is my go-to series when I can’t find anything good to read. I haven’t found a witch book that can match my love of Beautiful Creatures. Kami and Margaret incorporate magic with southern charm, then throw in forbidden love to ramp up the tension.



What surprises me the most about the book is the fact that I loved it. When I bought it, I had no expectations to like it, even if I fell in love with the cover. But the author captivates readers by showing the ruthless and deadly side of angels, who cause an apocalypse.


City of Bones

I hate to admit this, but the series does help me with getting out a slump. I may have no love for the author or her writing, but I sometimes enjoy reading her first series (and I use that word liberally). Perhaps it’s my love of nephilims that keep making me come back. Or maybe it’s Chairman Meow and Magnus.

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