Beyond the Book | Bad Bookish Habits I Can’t Break

Hey, book fam!

I’ve needed this weekend much more than I thought I did. Don’t you just need a weekend with uninterrupted reading? That would be heaven.

With my last book tag, I answered one question about bad bookish habits, and that thought has stuck in my head ever since. For this week’s discussion topic, I want to tackle the dreaded bookish habits we all do, even if we hate ourselves for doing so. Here are my picks of bad bookish habits I can’t seem to break:


Not walking past a bookstore

The only time I walked past one was when I didn’t have money or my credit card. But any other time, I cannot resist the temptation to walk in, breathe in that glorious bookstore smell, and find my next read. I’ll be 80-years-old and still walk through those doors.


Reading ahead and spoiling the entire book

WHY. MUST. I. DO. THIS?! I used to hate when I pulled this stunt off. And now? Meh. But I’m starting to regret it a lot since I’ve spoiled enough endings that I shouldn’t even bother reading the bloody book. 😐


Buying books and never reading them for months

I forget quite a few books I’ve bought. And some of them still sit on my shelves, waiting to be read. But do I get to them in a timely manner? Clearly, not. Or I wouldn’t complain about it. Now, I have a high physical TBR pile that threatens to overtake whatever dwindling room I have on my bookshelves.


Worse yet, wanting to catch up on series but realizing the sequel is coming out soon (like next week/month)

Let me see how many hands shoot right up when reading about this habit. Yeah, I’m horrible and forget to read sequels until the next one is out. I don’t know how this trend occurs, but it’s been sneaking up on me lately. And I feel I’m swamped with so many sequels.


Not DNFing books that bore me

You see, this habit is slightly tricky. I was close to DNFing Lifel1k3, but I fell in love with it about 100 pages in though. Sometimes, not DNFing is a good thing. However, I have wasted hours with books that didn’t deserve my time. But I’ll always give the book the benefit of the doubt, even if I want to pull out my hair.


Not writing reviews right after finishing the book

Am I the only blogger who struggles with this problem? I hope not. Unfortunately, I have several—and yes, I mean several—reviews to write, but I’ll just start reading a new book and forget about said writing. So the reviews pile up, and I feel pressured to catch up. So I’m in a constant state of frustration when it comes to these posts.


Reading my book and forgetting to pay attention to friends and family

I’m horrible with that. I truly am. And my family and friends have caught me not paying attention to them. And I feel guilty when they do. But you know how reading is though. You get so focused on a book that you forget about the outside world.


So now you know my bad bookish habits. What are yours? Do you have similar ones like me? How do you break them, or do you simply let them control you like mine do? Let’s chat! I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic!

25 thoughts on “Beyond the Book | Bad Bookish Habits I Can’t Break

  1. I am guilty of a few of these as well- especially not DNFing books that bore me. I do not know why it is so hard to me to quit a book!

    I used to spoil myself for books and I had to force myself not too! I eventually broke that habit. I am still bad about spoiling TV shows though. I always look up recaps, especially for reality TV!

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    • I find it hard to do, especially if I’ve bought the book myself and don’t want to waste that kind of money on a DFN read.

      I practically spoiled most of Maas’ books. I love wikia pages and recaps for books, especially when I forget what I read in the previous book, but I get so tempted to look further into the series.

      Ugh, I know! I do the same with shows. And I hate that.

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  2. This post is so relatable, haha!

    I can NEVER walk past a bookstore. Ever. And if I don’t have my money or card with me, the boyfriend has his so.. like.. use the puppy eyes!

    Buying books and.. not reading them immediately? Should I even mention my whole TBR-list on my blog right now? No. Guess not. It’s horrible – ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. [It’s also why I rarely read horror. Seeing my TBR is all the horror I need in my life, really.]
    And the same counts for the sequels. There’s a reason I came up with Sequel September, haha.

    I guess another bad bookish habit of mine is.. well.. realizing I have plenty of books to read but still succeeding at finding one reason or another to buy more of them. Even when I’m on a book buying ban. [Especially then?]

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    • LOL, I’ve had my mom and friends criticize me for buying more books even though my physical TBR pile is still too high. I hate when you get “the” look. And thank you for making it 😂 I needed a way to tackle my sequels, or I’d never get past them.

      Either there’s a sale going on, or a new book is coming out, you just find a reason to buy. Another bad habit of mine is probably rereading my faves while my TBR list gets out of control.

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      • Hah. My mom has NO CLUE how many books I’ve bought over the past year. Good thing I don’t live at home anymore. She’d go absolutely bonkers with my book buying. [Not that the boyfriend is any better, but at least I get to use his buying games against him in the same way.😂]

        Rereading isn’t really an issue with me. Lately I’m struggling with reading the books I bought prior 2018. I keep wanting to pick up books I bought this year but then I’ll definitely lose the challenge my boyfriend set me at the start of the year. [Which is reading 75 of my books I had before 2018 and I’m.. about halfway right now? 😂]


  3. I am guilty of buying books and not reading them for months (or years)! I am sooo bad about that! Also I am really bad about reviewing books right away and if I don’t review them right away I tend to forget things! I need to either start taking notes or just being better at reviewing quicker!!

    Great post 🙂

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    • I’m in the years for a few. I forget some of them completely. I thought my recent tbr pile was bad. Nope! 🤦🏻‍♀️

      I don’t know when I stopped reviewing right after! I was so good with that, but I stopped. Notes used to help, but I had too many by the end.

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  4. I am so guilty of these, especially not DNFing books that I am not enjoying/bored by and buying books and having them in literally towers that my cat topples over like some bookish Godzilla. I don’t know why I have always been like this (even before I was book blogging/reviewing!).

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      • My hoarding definitely is worse because I am actively looking for upcoming releases now! I have probably at least 50 books physically in my house I need to read and that’s horrible.

        She is adorable! I came home and she was napping in my new bookcase. I think she has claimed it as her own because she knows books are my second love!


  5. Oh bookstores are so pretty!! I’ve gotten my buying habit under control (sort of…) so I’m pretty good at going into bookstores without buying myself anything (notice, I said “myself” – my son ALWAYS needs new books!!). I try to temper myself by visiting the library a couple times a month. You can take as many of those as you want! 😀

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  6. I’m guilty also of buying books and not reading them for a long time… i have books i owned for like 10 years, but haven’t read them yet. I totally want to, but not in the mood yet 😀

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