Blogoween | Halloween Creatures 2.0 Tag

Guess who’s ready for another tag?!

I found this one at Reader Voracious. It looked like fun, and I loved reading the answers Kaleena gave. She inspired me to sign up for Blogoween. So check out her blog!

Anthony from Keep Reading Forward created this prompt.


  1. Answer all prompts.
  2. Answer honestly.
  3. Tag 1-13 people.
  4. Link back to his post.
  5. Have fun!

Witch | A Magical Character or Book

Hocus Pocus meets Salem Witch Trials, this atmospheric novel is one story people should read. Even though I have issues with the ending, I love the dark themes in the book.


Werewolf | The Perfect Book to Read at Night

Oddly enough, the main character is a werewolf. 😂 But I loved the book though. It offers a high-paced and richly dark storyline.


Frankenstein | A Book That Truly Shocked You

I honestly wasn’t expecting the ending. In the last minute, Cassandra certainly knows how to rip out your heart.


The Devil | A Dark, Evil Character

Hands down, Astrid and Athos Dane are at the top of that list.


Grim Reaper | A Character Who Should Never Have Died

I’m still salty over Finnick Odair’s death.


Zombie | A Book That Made You “Hungry” for More

Before reading this debut novel, I had no knowledge of reverse harem books. And now, I’m hooked, but I haven’t had the chance to finish this series or get hooked by more RH series.

Gargoyle | A Character Who You Would Protect at All Cost

Abraxos. This scarred, beaten, and torn wyvern SMELLS FLOWERS. If Maas doesn’t protect him, I’ll die.

(And please, no spoilers. I haven’t read Kingdom of Ash yet.)


Vampire | A Book That Sucked the Life Out of You

The second installment of this thriller is a hard and difficult read. Kelley explores unspeakable story arcs. And sometimes I had to step away from the book so I could catch a breath.


Ghost | A Book That Still Haunts You

The book is chilling. But I couldn’t get enough of the series though. The author discusses gut-wrenching situations many people faced in the 12th century, and yet she kept me reading even when I was disgusted.


Demon | A Book That Really Scared You

The Mist is the first King book I’ve read. I’m not a huge fan of his endings. But he’s a fantastic storyteller though. Oddly enough, I love his movies. When I heard about this adaptation, my friend bought me a copy, and I wanted nothing more than to chuck this creepy book.


Skeleton | A Character You Have a Bone to Pick with

I love how cruel the world is in the book. In order to get the crown, three sisters must kill each other. But I hate two particular characters. I hope they face horrible deaths.


Mummy | A Book You Would Preserve throughout Time

I’ll never stop reading this masterpiece. I can easily guess that Mr. Darcy is my first book boyfriend.


Creepy Doll | A Cover Too Scary to Look At

I’ve watched the movie, but until the end, I had no clue those beasties were vampires. It’s an intense flick. But looking at that cover, I think I’ll skip the book.

The Monster Mash

Don’t feel pressured. If you have too many posts to do, you don’t need to do this one. But if you’re interested, link back to my post. I’d love to read your answers!

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7 thoughts on “Blogoween | Halloween Creatures 2.0 Tag

  1. Ohh, thank you for the tag. I would love to take part in this one – and you should read I am legend. It’s a grim book in some respects but the ending is jaw dropping – unfortunately the ending of the film was changed which I think was a shame.
    Lynn 😀


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