The Entertaining Blogger Award

Hey, everyone!

Have you had great expectations to get multiple posts done, then you lose all that momentum? I’m there right now. And as 1 am quickly comes, I wish it didn’t disappear. 😂

Anyways, Ally from Ally Writes Things nominated me for this award. Thank you for the support! You all need to check out her blog. I love it.


The Rules

  • Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog.
  • Add the rules so others can follow.
  • Answer the questions that have been asked.
  • Nominate a handful of entertaining bloggers

Ally’s Questions

What was your favourite book you had to read for school?

This book has always stuck with me since I first read it in high school.

Describe your aesthetic. Pictures appreciated (but not required)

My blog is a good representation of my aesthetic. But I couldn’t resist doing a board.

What’s your favourite thing to cook or bake?

I believe one fact you’ll learn quickly about me is that I shouldn’t go near a stove. I have a tendency to burn everything. One time, I burned the entire contents of my soup to the bottom of the pot. But on the off chance I don’t, I love baking brownies and cupcakes.

What’s one topic that you always want to read more of?

I’d love to read more romance and historical fiction!

If you wrote a book, what would you want the cover to look like?

A good mixture of Throne of Glass and Six of Crows.

What’s one popular book or series you probably won’t read?

Anything by Veronica Roth. Someone spoiled the ending for me, and I haven’t got any interest to get into it or her other series.

My Questions

  1. What was the last book that surprised you the most (good or bad)?
  2. Which author can you not read?
  3. What book couple did you hope they got together?
  4. Which book do you wish to wipe clean from your read list?
  5. What was your favourite read of 2018?
  6. What is your favourite fictional animal/pet?

My Nominations

As usual, I don’t want anyone to feel obligated to publish this award. If you want, then link back to my post. I’d love to see your responses. Have fun!

Teagan and Jess | Justine | Lana | Lexie | Sofia | Judith | Mandy | Kay | Loretta | Mogsy | Candace

9 thoughts on “The Entertaining Blogger Award

  1. I’m totally with you about the stove. I avoid it so much, but I actually love baking. Oven I can handle, lol! And oh gosh, I’m with you about Roth! I got spoiled too so I am totally with you about avoiding it. I love your aesthetic by the way! It was fantastic. Thank you so much for tagging me, and I love your questions. Thank you again and great post! 🙂


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