Fictional Family Book Tag

Morning, everyone!

To start off the new month, I need to catch up on some of my book tags, which the list keeps growing! I want to thank my two faves Teagan and Jess from Fiction No Chaser for tagging me!


The Rules:

  • Pick 8 books off your shelves (try to not pick just your favorites!)
  • Arrange them into a random order (randomizers are good for this).
  • In the order they are arranged, open them to a random page and write down the first name you see. Don’t mix up the names!
  • In the last book, find the name of an animal/pet and write it down.
  • Put the names in the right category.
  • Tag people (spread the love) copy and paste these rules in your post, or write them out yourself.

Our New Family

Parent One: Maven from King’s Cage

Can I get a redo, please? A part of me feels sorry for him, but his obsessions are on the creepy side.


Parent Two: Queen Levana from Winter

Yup, I’m screwed. I’d probably have a better chance of surviving if Maven were my father than have this crazy queen in my family tree.


Sibling One: Catherine from Heartless

I’m not sure if I should be okay with a kill-happy sister who loves to bake or if I should run. But hey, I’ll eat cake before I die.


Sibling Two: Mirabella from One Dark Throne

You know, I can’t stand this character, so I’m perfectly fine with her world’s rule of killing off the queens.


Cousin: Tella from Legendary

At first, I hated this character. But I’ve grown to love her. She has given up so much so she could protect her sister. I’d have a magical time at Caraval too!


Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Nikolai from Ruin and Rising

Yesss, I won the jackpot. Pirate and king?! I’m so behind on this series, but I loved him in Six of Crows!


Best friend: Magnus from Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy

I can’t just imagine the hijinks the both of us can concoct. And I wouldn’t mind the glitter.


Pet: Abraxos from Empire of Storms

I kind of squeed when I found his name. No, that’s a lie. I did squee, hard. How can I see a negative with a wyvern that wants to smell flowers?

Tag Time

You know the deal. If you’ve already done this tag or don’t feel up to doing it, don’t worry. You aren’t obligated to do it. If you want to though, link back to my post so I can read yours! More importantly, have a great time with it!

Flavia | Jill | Taylor | Laura | Nina | Mandy | Shalini | Lola | Kathy | Rhea | Candace

16 thoughts on “Fictional Family Book Tag

  1. I’m jealous of your family. But your parentage gives you the makings of an awesome YA heroine… lol. Plus I adore Maven. Now Teagan is going to kill me for saying I love Maven again. Awesome Answers of course lady!


  2. Ahh! Thanks for doing my tag!

    Also, you have a very…ahem… deadly family? A lot of villains in your family tree 😂

    I’m so jealous you got Nikolai as a boyfriend 😍 I love him so much! King of Scars is one of my most anticipated reads of 2019


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