Top Ten Tuesday | Bookish Merch I’d Like to Own

Morning, everyone!

I’ve already done this type of post before. But you know me and my love for bookish merch. I can’t get enough of it.

Top Ten Tuesday, originally created by The Broke and the Bookish and now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, is a weekly meme. Today’s theme is bookish merchandise! Over the last several months, I’ve collected an impressive lot of these goodies. But I’m dying to add the pieces below. (If you’re interested in buying them, you can click onto the link in the photo. All photos have been taken from the artists’ websites or Redbubble pages. I don’t own them.)

Finally, I can show off my new winter-themed graphics. I’ve been eager to see what you all think about them.

I hope you enjoy!

The Court of Terrasen Mug

Yes, I’m obsessed with Throne of Glass. Beside snowglobes, mugs may be one of the top items I collect. I saw this design on Evie Seo’s RedBubble page, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.


Book Boxes

I’ve purchased several limited edition book boxes before. However, I’ve stayed away from buying ones with the books inside them. Odd, right? But I’m so picky that I’m scared of having the books show up damaged.


Lunar Chronicles Pillow

Evie made this gorgeous Lunar Chronicles pillow. And once I saw it, I needed it in my life. I don’t see a lot of Lunar Chronicle merch, especially good pieces, but this one is too cute to pass up.


Layered Candles

So I have a growing candle-buying problem, people. It’s expanded to the point where I’ll need to buy a bookcase just for my candles. However, I don’t possess the ultimate bookish candle: the layered one. Not many stores sell them, but I absolutely love how they turn out! They’d make a perfect addition to my collection.


Rattle the Stars Blanket

Literary Lifestyle Co. makes beautiful pieces for book lovers. You can purchase anything from Outlander merch to The Cruel Prince items. But one piece that caught my eye is the Rattle the Stars blanket. Isn’t it stunning?


Reading Series Print

I think I’d die if I got this print. I’ve eyed it for months but never decided to buy it. But just look at the chibi boys! And Nina has a waffle in her hands! Silketara has created such an adorable art piece.

So what bookish merch are you hoping to buy? Which ones have you collected over the years? And what ones are your favourite? Let’s chat. I always find a new way to put a dent in my bank account. 😂

6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday | Bookish Merch I’d Like to Own

  1. First: I like the new graphics but since I’m a sucker for skulls.. I have to say I liked the previous ones better, haha! 😛

    That blanket though! Ever since seeing a TTT yesterday morning mentioning a bookish throw blanket, I’ve been on the hunt for one. I already found one on Etsy [SweetSequels] with the Hogwarts grounds on it – STUNNING. And now I need to check out the shop you mention, haha!

    As for the thing you mention about damaged books in book boxes? I’ve been getting FairyLoot monthly for a year and a half now and I’ve never, ever gotten a damaged book in it. Just saying. 🙂 [Seriously; all damaged books come either from Amazon or BookDepository and it’s driving me nuts..]


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