Top Ten Tuesday | My Favourite Platonic Relationships

Hey, everyone!

This week is shaping out to be better than the last. And I can’t wait to get back to normal blogging.

Top Ten Tuesday, originally created by The Broke and the Bookish and now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, is a weekly meme. Today’s theme is platonic relationships! I love this topic and have been waiting to do it in such a long time. You don’t see much talk about these relationships, but I love reading about them though.

So let’s get to the post. Here are my top choices of platonic relationships. I hope you enjoy!

Inej and Nina in Six of Crows

Scheme together, die together, this perfect pair melt my heart and make me want to eat waffles after committing a crime (I think you all know I wouldn’t. I value my alone time with my books).


Cinder and Thorne in Lunar Chronicles

This list isn’t complete unless I add this insanely clever duo. The banter between them makes me love the series more, and I love how they support each other when they’re faced with turmoil.


Aelin and Lysandra in Kingdom of Ash

I don’t know why it’s so hard for authors to have a female-female platonic relationship. This kind of friendship is desperately needed in YA fiction. We need more Aelin-Lysandra friendships! These two dominant ladies could kill each other, but that anger turned into something more valuable. They’re friendship goals.


Gem and Church in Infernal Devices

You thought I’d go with Will and Gem, right? I’m still debating on my pick. It may seem unconventional. However, I love the tie between the two. And their relationship hasn’t diminished from Gem’s absence.


Tella and Scarlett in Legendary

This choice hits home for me. My relationship with the other side of my gene pool, since I can’t call my relatives anything more than that, is strained. So reading a good, solid sisterhood is bittersweet yet refreshing. I respect both of these sisters and adore their bond.


Emma and Christina in Dark Artifices

Honestly, I cannot get enough of this sismance. These two have kept me reading past all the bleak storylines. What makes the friendship outshine the rest in the series is how it’s simply organic and real.


So what are your favourite platonic relationships? What do you look for in them? What do you want more of? Do we have the same? Let’s chat!

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday | My Favourite Platonic Relationships

  1. So many good choices here. I forgot about some of these like Inej and Nina, even though I read the books not too long ago. I’m currently listening to Legendary on audiobook and I love Tella and Scarlett’s relationship.


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