Top Ten Tuesday | Books I Wish Were under my Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas, everyone!!!

It’s here! And I am just as giddy as a child when Christmas has arrived. But the 29-year-old in me wants nothing more than to sleep in, but my Mom and I will never get the bird in the oven in time unless we open the presents early. Priorities, right? Right?!

Since I make a list (and check it twice 😉), I already know which books are under my tree. So I want to put my personal spin on this week’s topic. I couldn’t grab all the books I hoped to buy because a postal strike killed my shopping plans. So here are my top picks of books I wish were under my Christmas tree.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy Holidays! 🎄

Sunshine and Bullets

Who says a reverse harem series isn’t Christmas worthy? Damn straight, it is. I’ve heard a lot about this one. I’m slowly transitioning into mafia-themed books, but I wish I were able to snag myself a copy. I’m always down for a dark read.


Mortal Engines

Yes, I never knew about this series until I saw the trailer. But am I intrigued? Yes. I need more dystopian and steampunk in my life. I just hope the storytelling is whimsical as that trailer is.


Illuminae Files Series

Need I say more about this series? My top favourite bloggers Kaleena and Taylor are buddy-reading it, and I’m living through them. I’m not obsessed. Nope. I do not pet these beauties when I see them in a store. No, not me.


Six of Crow Collector’s Edition

Do you know how envious I am when I see this beautiful piece of work floating around on Instagram? I don’t know what I’d do to get it, but it definitely needs to be a part of my collection.


Herding Cats

SARAH IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL. I adore her work. It’s almost as if she’s read my thoughts and put them on paper.


The Home for Unwanted Girls

This story hits close to home. My grandma was almost forced to give up my uncle when she got pregnant out of wedlock. So I had some knowledge of what my country has done to women and children. But I never knew how awful the hidden truth is.

3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday | Books I Wish Were under my Christmas Tree

  1. SIobhan I’d like to pass along my paperback copy of Illuminae to you! I… might have upgraded to hardcover because of the secret messages in the cover design. Oops but not really. Honestly though, it’s yours if you want it, otherwise I am donating it to my library.


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