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Morning, everyone!

I know. Mondays are always hard to go through. So to brighten up this new work week, I thought a tag might be the right post to write.

I’ve seen a lot of tags, and I’m always looking for more. But I love finding a new one. They’re refreshing. Last year, Ally, from Ally Writes Things, created this clever one. And I saw it on Kaleena’s blog, Reader Voracious. Before you get to my post, show these lovely bloggers some love, won’t you?

Enjoy the read!


When Finding a New Read, I Don’t Always Trust in the Book Hype

Book hype is a tricky beast to understand. Sometimes, the hype is real. Other times, I feel I’ve wasted my time, and I wish I never read or bought the book. So I don’t always read or buy a book quickly. I’ll wait for the hype to die down.


I Set a Reasonable Timeline for Reading

With romance books, I know I’ll read them before seven days. However, with other titles, I typically give myself about a week to finish it so I have at least one new book review on my blog.


I Rely on Bloggers I Trust Before Solely Following Goodreads Ratings

Ratings are difficult to trust. Some reviewers may give a 5-star rating when they haven’t read the book at all. Others will leave a 1-star rating. So when you’re in a make-or-break decision before reading, I want to read reviews from bloggers I trust.


I Typically Read New Titles Once I Get Them, Not Wait

I’m a firm believer of reading from my physical TBR pile. And as I write this post, the books on my shelves are cackling at me. But I give priority to new releases. I have a long list of anticipated reads, and I hate when I wait longer to get to them.


I Don’t Feel Guilty for DNFing Books, even ARCs

I shouldn’t feel guilty, right? Sure. For years, I did feel it though. I hated not finishing a novel. But I can’t force myself to drag myself through a story that’s not entertaining me. I’ve wasted too much time finishing books I shouldn’t have.

Tag Time

So who’s up for another tag? If you are, link back to my post. If you’re not, don’t feel pressured in doing so. I hope you all have fun.

Lexie | Mogsy | Lori | Alyssa | Jessica | Tracy | Kim | Cindy | Mandy & Sha | Eline | Erin | You!

17 thoughts on “My Good Reading Habits Tag

  1. Awww yay! I hear you on the hype one – I try really hard to think about if the book is something I think I would enjoy based on the synopsis and blurbs, not because everyone is screaming about it. Hype is hard because it sometimes builds up a book to unrealistic expectations for me, too. Just hard.

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  2. Thanks for the tag! I’m actually very similar with you regarding some things like being wary about hype and relying on other bloggers to find good reads, but I definitely need to get better with not feeling bad about DNFing books, and I’m very guilty of letting new books sit when I should be getting to them right away 😛

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