Monthly Wrap-Up: February 2019

Hey book fam,

Phew! Another month has passed, and I can let out a well-deserved sigh of relief. February was rather slow and hard for me personally. We finally got the results of my Mom’s cancer. And she’s in the early stages, which I can’t believe.

I wanted to take some time away from my blog. But you all were the reason why I stayed. You kept me smiling and laughing. You kept the shadows away. And I cannot thank you enough for all of your support.

Even though blogging is stressful, it has given me purpose and drive to strive forward, even when I feel I can’t get off the ground. So although February was arduous, I found an escape through this community and some great books. Now, let’s get to the wrap-up, yes?

I blame the month of February for my romance binge. I do not blame my friend for hooking me up with the Black Dagger Brotherhood. However, my bank account and credit card would both like a long conversation with her. As much as I wanted to read my most anticipated February reads, I couldn’t resist tall, dark, and tortured vampires. And I somehow threw in some Nikolai love into the mix.

Dark Lover by J. R. Ward


Yeah, yeah, I know I waited a long time to read this series. But Ward just sucks you into this dark, gritty landscape and humanizes vampires. I’d fallen out of love with them for such a long time. Now, though, I’m hooked. The Blind King, Wrath, has a small piece of my heart, and I adore how he brings Beth into his world.


Lover Eternal by J. R. Ward


I somewhat struggled with this sequel. Don’t get me wrong. I love Rhage and Mary’s growth as an unlikely couple. Sometimes, I wanted to smack Rhage for how he reacts though. But I sympathized with how he fights for Mary. And of course, I got a little teary by the end.


Lover Awakened by J. R. Ward


Let the whole world know that Zsadist and Bella are precious and need to be protected from this cruel world they both suffered in. I love how Ward put her own wicked yet heartbreaking twist to this Beauty and the Beast tale. The way she brought these two broken characters together makes me want to cry every time I think of them.


King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo


This time is the first that I’ve ever stopped reading a Bardugo book. And I am completely gutted. Sure, I’ll pick it up later (probably later this month), but I never thought I’d DNF any of her books. I struggled with it. And I hate that. Hate it so damn much. I adore Nikolai and Nina and am starting to accept Zoya, but something about the pacing is killing the book for me.


Lover Revealed by J. R. Ward


I wrestled with Butch and Marissa’s mating story. So what’s with the 4-star rating? Because I still love this world and these characters. And that plot twist is stellar! Both Butch and Marissa are solid characters on their own, but they somehow fit together beautifully.

My new release list is much longer than what’s below. And I had all the intention to order every single title on it, but I kind of forgot until the last half of the month. Whoops! But I am excited to see what I have in store with my future all-nighters.

Last month, I wasn’t entirely around the blogosphere. I missed you all. But I want to give some shout-outs to other bloggers. So here are some of my picks:

  • Last weekend, Flavia attended the HCC Frenzy Presents influencer event. I wanted to go but couldn’t make it. I am loving all the upcoming titles HarperCollins featured! I cannot wait.
  • Kaleena, the queen of organizing, has done it again with her latest Edelweiss Guide post. She gives you tips and tricks on how to keep track of forthcoming titles. Honestly, this woman can give you tips on how to do tips. I love her for it.
  • Kathy couldn’t contain her love for Archenemies. Her review reminds me why I love Marissa Meyer so much! And if you haven’t heard, she gave birth to a happy, healthy baby boy! Congrats, you two!
  • Sofia shows her love for Holly Black’s The Wicked King. I couldn’t agree more.

3 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up: February 2019

  1. All the best to you and your mom. I sincerely hope early stage detection brings positive results for her. Glad you had such a “romantic” February. 😉 and enjoy your March reads too.


  2. Siobhan I am so sorry to hear about your mom’s diagnosis, and I am sending light and love to you and your family!

    Thank you so much for the shoutout, and i might just put together a guide for writing guides ahahahahahahahahah ILY!


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