Monthly Wrap-Up | March 2019

Morning, bloggers!

Have you ever had a month where your blog went great, but everything else in your life, particularly reading, just stalled? That’s how I explain my March.

Mom started her treatments, and my thrill in anything has kind of died. But I’m fighting to get back to where I was, even though it’s a daily battle. So life may have been a downer, but my blog kept me fighting. And I have to thank you all for the support. You don’t understand how much I need that right now.

So even though the month was slow, I’m glad I discovered fantastic reads. Hopefully, April is a better month for us all. Now let’s get to this post.

I tried to tackle more books, but I just couldn’t get into them. However, I got to some two great titles waiting in my TBR pile. And I need to stop skipping science fiction novels. They need more love from me, so if you have any good recommendations, send them my way!

Mirage by Somaiya Daud


I will not stop raving about this book. I agree with other readers that Somaiya’s debut novel reads more like a YA fantasy. However, it is a true science fiction, and Sonaiya weaves together Morrocan culture, oppression, and rebellion. Her worldbuilding is beyond what I expect from a first-time writer. I am eagerly waiting to see what she’ll create next.


Watcher in the Woods by Kelley Armstrong


I admit that this title is one of my most anticipated reads of 2019. And while I enjoyed being back in Rockton, a sleepy, dangerous, and hidden town, I was hoping for a bit more. But don’t get me wrong though. Kelley has created a suspenseful series worth reading.


Honor among Thieves by Rachel Caine and Ann Aguirre


I’ve almost finished this book, but I know it’ll receive a 4-star review. Hands down, it is one book everyone should give some time to read. I adore Zara Cole, and I haven’t connected with a main character like this in so long. The bond she has with Nadim is such a unique twist to this science fiction. And I cannot wait to read the sequel.

In the last two months in a row, I forgot—yes, you read that correctly—to order any books. I couldn’t believe that this situation happened again in March. But I don’t trust my local Canada Post. Thankfully, I squeezed in these orders just in time though.

I admit that I am a horrible blogger lately. I haven’t had the time to blog hop, but I’ve been reading your posts when I had some free time between doctors’ appointments. I wish I could post all of them, but I think the ones below definitely deserve more love:

  • LaRonda from Flying Paperbacks discusses how she uses coloured tabs that help with preparing for book reviews. I think this step is an ingenious way to help with reviews. I’ve put off writing them because I’ve forgotten some issues and important details. But tabbing books may help with that issue in the future.
  • Jenn from Jenniely discusses the reasons why she doesn’t write negative reviews. I’ve been meaning to offer up my viewpoints on the same topic. But she brought up some important points.
  • My dark souled sisters, Teagan and Jess, from Fiction No Chaser created their own March madness book edition.
  • Shalini from Shalini’s Books and Reviews talks about typos in books. I loved her take on this never-ending discussion.
  • Lori from The Inky Saga offers up important tips of how not to burnout when you’re blogging. I’d love to give some additional ones as well.

3 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up | March 2019

  1. Okay I 100% understand what you said about how March felt, that’s how February felt for me. Like my blog was great, but everything else tanked.

    And I understand what it feels like to have your mom going through something so difficult, so if you ever need anything, I’m always here ❤


  2. Thanks for the shout out! ❤ I've added Mirage to my TBR and am interested in learning a little more about the other two books you read this month. I'm sorry March was so rough. I hope you find some things that bring you and your mom joy in April. I'm impressed you read and did any blog hopping at all this month; I probably wouldn't have done as much. I love your blog, so thank you for posting whenever you can ^_^


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