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Happy Saturday!

If you haven’t been told everything about me, then this post will give you even more juicy details. I think being open with you have been refreshing, so you’re stuck with a new info dump. 😝

I found this tag on Reader Voracious. Kaleena is an inspiration to me. I love how she evolved her blog, and I’m proud to have her in my life. So please give her the support before you get to my post.

How Many Books Do You Usually Read At Once?

I feel as if I’m cheating on my book if I add another. Does that sound weird? Yes. But I can’t multi-task books.


How Do You Decide When To Switch Between Multiple Reads?

I can’t. When I dedicate my time to one book, I stick with it. I cannot keep my focus on multiple books. Years ago, I tried switching from one book to the next, and I kept mixing them up. So as a blogger, I don’t want to take that risk.


Do You Ever Switch Bookmarks Partway Through A Book?

No. No. Nope. Nuh huh. I’ll use one bookmark and one bookmark only. Now if I buy a new one, then I’ll swap it out for the next read.


Where Do You Keep the Book(s) You’re Currently Reading?

Always near my chair. It has its own little place, a footstool. 😂


What Time of Day Do You Read the Most?

Always the night, especially past midnight. When I have time off, I’ll read during the day. But I love the quiet that envelopes me when I read at night.


How Long Do You Typically Read in One Session?

Anywhere from two to four hours. One time, I read for twelve hours straight. I miss those binge reads, but I can’t pull them off all the time though.


Do You Read Hardbacks with the Dust Jacket Off?

I laughed when I read Kaleena’s answer. And mine is the same. Now if the book is wrapped in a lighter colour, other than black, then I’ll keep it on so I don’t dirty the book itself.

…And now I understand how I sound like an obsessed reader.


What Position Do You Mainly Use to Read?

I have my Sheldon chair, so I usually sit upright. Sometimes, I can read in my bed, but I can’t read while laying down. I’ll drop the book and fall asleep in ten minutes.


Do You Take Your Current Read with You Everywhere You Go?

HA. Okay, I have agoraphobia. So, in theory, I take it everywhere in my home. If I have to go out, like an appointment, I may take it.


How Often Do You Update Your Goodreads Reading Progress?

I am such a horrible, horrible Goodreads member. When I first started, I updated religiously. Now though? I don’t remember the last time I uploaded a book review.

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11 thoughts on “The Currently Reading Book Tag

  1. Great answers! I love binge reading too! (I mean, who doesn’t?) Silence is another thing I need for reading. Once, in school, I shouted at the whole class to keep quiet! I am not a person who shouts very much at school, so they actually kept quiet!


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