Beyond the Blurb | Recognize and Prevent a Blogging Burnout

Happy Friday!

This summer, I will have blogged for the last three years. I never thought I’d hit this milestone. I’m far from a blogging expert. I’m still small. But I do know a few things. And I hope to pass along at least some knowledge onto new and seasoned bloggers. We bloggers need to offer support when we can. And I hope that my Beyond the Blurb posts provides that for you all. So my next topic will be all about blogging burnout.

How do you recognize a blogger burnout? Sometimes, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly. However, I’ve noticed some of these warning signs:

Lose the Spark in Blogging

You all discover that first spark of blogging, right? You’ve never taken on such a project. And you’re thrilled to start. Occasionally though, when you’ve been blogging nonstop for months or even years, that flicker may disappear. Picking up on this sign is important. If you lose that reason, then it may be hard to find it again.


Fall into a Blogging Slump

I’m in one right now. Or at least, I’m in a small one. No, I still love blogging. However, I find writing some post a bit difficult. But my personal life may be the reason why.


Ask Why You Still Want to Blog

Sure, I wanted more experience in the blogging community so I could use that for publishing internships. And yes, it helped, quite well, actually. But the thrill in blogging, the community, and the bloggers are the reasons why I’m here. I don’t want to leave. But if you can’t answer why you want to continue, then you may be heading into a burnout.


For the second part of my post, I want to suggest some tips to follow:

Schedule, Schedule, Schedule

For several months, I’ve been scheduling per day, and I can’t handle that anymore. Instead, I plan out my week. Which posts I want to publish, what I want to write, and when. However, schedules aren’t set in stone. If you aren’t up to working on a review, because we all know how much work we put into one, swap out that post for a discussion post, book tag, challenge, blogger award, or anything you feel up to. Don’t push yourself into keeping the schedule all the time. You have the flexibility in choosing what you want to publish and when.

And if you design your own graphics, perhaps use your weekend to create them. The weekend is also a great time to catch up on replying to comments, comment on other bloggers’ posts, and reach out to your blogger friends.


Find Easier Ways to Blog

I also use a simple format for all of my review posts. You don’t always need to make the most creative post either. Find a formatting layout for each post and stick with that so you aren’t spending any more time with the design part. Use shortcuts your blogging platforms offer as well.


Take a Break

It’s perfectly fine to walk away. Take a breather. Don’t let your blog control your every free time. Blogging is more than just a pastime. You dedicate countless hours in building a tiny creation and turn it into a brand. So don’t think it’s just a hobby. Sure, it is, but it’s more than just that though. So take a step back and see what you want to do next.


Have you ever had a blogging burnout? What other tips can you offer other bloggers who may be struggling with it? What works for you?

16 thoughts on “Beyond the Blurb | Recognize and Prevent a Blogging Burnout

  1. HHaha, blogging has become my way of procrastinating everything else in life (I’m just going into exam season). But I get burnout and it doesn’t sound easy, and like you said – spend time on what you like the most. I love writing reviews, so I’ll put more time into that than other things, and others are different.

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  2. What a great topic! I’m in a bit of a slump myself right now 😦 Tho right now its being caused by non-blogging outside factors (i.e. stress) I think scheduling would help me a lot! I go through phases where I post every day, sometimes twice a day, but then I only posted once last week! If I were to schedule and spread out my posts then it would stay more consistent even when I am in a slump!

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    • Agreed! I wish I had scheduled a bit better in the last week. But I couldn’t.

      But scheduling doesn’t always work for every blogger though. In my busy life, I can’t always set it up and hope it goes through. So I’ll publish when I can.

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  3. I’ve definitely experienced blogger burnout. I used to have a lifestyle blog with no clear niche. I kept it up for a while but I burned out on it after a couple of years. After a year of not blogging, I started The Must Reads and defined a niche for my blog: books! So far, it’s going well, but I know that may not always be the case. Thanks for the tips!

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  4. Ha, a very timely topic for me right now.
    I’m not sure what’s going on, but i’m not as inspired as i was a year ago. I didn’t feel like taking a break, but i have reduced the number of weekly posts for now, and it seems to be working out fine 🙂 Scheduling is great! 😀

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