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Morning, everyone!

I have crawled out of my sick bed (couch). I think I’ve coughed up most of my organs, including my lungs, and have lived to tell the tale.

So I’m catching up on some posts I wanted to release out into the world earlier but couldn’t. I found this interesting tag on Stephen Writes. If you haven’t taken a look at his blog, here’s your chance!

You have 20,000 books on your TBR. How do you decide what to read next?

I am a huge mood reader. So my decision making is solely based on what I feel to be in the mood for. Sometimes, I have a few false starts. But the other times, I usually get my choice right.


You’re halfway through a book, and you’re just not loving it. Do you put it down or are you committed?

Truly depends on if I see potential in the rest of the book. I have DNF’d books, then picked them up later and loved them. Some other titles, I pushed through and couldn’t imagine why I’d ever consider putting them down.


The end of the year is coming, and you’re behind on your reading challenge. Do you try to catch up? And if so, how?

Actually, last year, I caught up on reading short stories and books I knew I could read quickly. I typically keep short stories for later in the year.


The covers of a series you love do not match. How do you cope?

This issue is one peeve I cannot stand. I don’t mind when publishers change covers for paperbacks. But when the series is ongoing, then what’s the point? Clearly, I don’t deal with it easily. But there are a few reasons why I’d back off, like the change to Ember in the Ashes series.


Everyone and their mother love a book that you do not. Who do you bond with over your shared feelings?

More than likely my friends Beth and Dana, who is a blogger as well. Both of these readers have the same tastes as I do, and they often hate the same titles too. So that works quite well in my favour.


You’re reading a book in public, and you’re about to start crying. How do you deal?

Fully cry. I don’t care if I am ugly crying. If I am reading in public, and I’m in the middle of an awful scene, then the world will see a side of me it probably doesn’t want to witness. 😂


The sequel to a book you loved just came out, but you’ve forgotten a lot of what happens. Are you going to reread it?

Before I started blogging consistently, I would reread all the time. But now, I have little time to do that. So I either reread some notes I wrote down (if I was lucky), or I’d look at reviews or book recap sites so I can remember what has happened.


You do not want anyone to borrow your books. How do you politely say no when someone asks?

LOL. Oh, God. No. Everyone. And I mean everyone knows not to ask me for my books. So I haven’t run into this problem in years. Years. But I wouldn’t be polite though. I’d probably laugh, then walk away.


You have picked up and put down five books in the last month. How do you get over this reading slump?

I’m slightly in one right now. So I think I’ll need to pick up one of my favourite series so I can get out of it.


There are so many books coming out that you are dying to read. How many do you end up buying?

If the book is in a series, I’ll automatically buy it. If it’s from my favourite author, then I’ll buy it. But I’m hesitant with newer releases with authors I don’t have much experience with. So I’m a bit picky about my buying habits.


After you purchase all of these books that you’re dying to read, how long do they sit on your shelf before you read them?

An obscene amount of time, I believe. I am horrible with buying too many books and not planning on reading them.

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9 thoughts on “The Reader Problems Book Tag

  1. Mood reader. DNF one book recently that started out great and then I got to the point that I really did not care anymore and I looked at the end and satisfied myself about one character and then promptly sold it to a used book store and what is interesting is this was a sequel to a book I absolutely loved. Another book a few years ago took me three times to read all the way through and it still wasn’t worth it, haven’t read anything more in that series. I have such a large wish list to buy but right now I am at the point of does the library have it? It does, great, I will add it to my TBR list; if it doesn’t, I won’t be reading it. I usually exceed the quota I set for myself to read and then up it and meet or exceed it.


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