Monthly Wrap-Up | April 2019

Morning, everyone!

Who else struggled with April? I honestly wanted to read more books and to buy them too. But I didn’t care if I did either. And since I had to dodge Avengers spoilers, I took some time away from my blog and my social media accounts. You don’t know how good it felt for not dealing with a self-imposed deadline.

Let me tell you that I cried, and I still feel hollowed out after watching that movie. But I’ve never been so proud to be a part of this franchise and family. #ILoveYou3000

Not let’s get back to blogging. This post is short (somewhat) and sweet (I hope). I hope you love it!

Yes, you see this section properly. I read only two books in the entire month. Okay, I started Gilded Wolves, and I’ve fallen for it. But last month, I tripped right into a reading slump. And I simply couldn’t get into many books.

Sadie by Courtney Summers


Even though I’ve put down the book, I know I’ll finish it soon. You have to be in the right frame of mind in order to tackle it. And at the time, I wasn’t. But I loved the writing and the storytelling. The topic is just too much for me.


The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris


For such a long time, I’ve been wanting to read this novel. And while I enjoyed how the story started off, it fell flat. And I wonder how the book received so many four- and five-star reviews. Now I’m not critiquing the story itself. But I am with the writing though.

I had all intentions of making this list larger. But when I look at my TBR pile, I feel a bit intimidated now and just walk out of my room, then forget my problems. 😅 Thankfully though, I’ve snagged several anticipated reads, and I can’t wait to crack them open.

Please, someone bug me to read Ace of Shades. I keep forgetting to read the first book of the sequel I’ve recently purchased. Stop doing that, Sibby.

You bloggers have been killing it lately. Every time I read your posts, I get all giddy with, I don’t know, pride. And I love how each and every one of you is growing. Here are my favourite posts of April:

  • Ally from Ally Writes Things talks about the cancel culture and the book community. She brings up an important topic that many bloggers should read.
  • Sara from Bibliophagist discusses proper interactions on social media. You know, the discussion post may be long. However, it’s a fascinating read. What I love the most is how Sara not defended a fellow reader but also stood up against an author.
  • Kayla from Books and Blends talks about the book community using E. L. James as a punching bag. I have to admit that she has a point. Even though I don’t like James’ writing, the book community has become a bit toxic.
  • Vanessa from The Wolf and Books explains why she struggles with YA fantasy.

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