The Birthday Book Tag

Morning, bloggers!

I need to ring in this birthday since I am stumbling into a new decade. A large part of me feels as if I don’t deserve to celebrate. Everything going on in my life demands my time, and another birthday shouldn’t matter. I’m reaching a milestone though.

So that is why I’m posting this tag, which I found on Amb Reads. If you haven’t taken a look, please do it now. Amber has a wonderful blog, so head over there!

Birthday Cake | A Book with a Plot That Seems Cliché, but you Adore It Anyways

Forbidden love? Okay, it may be a bit cliché, but I have to give Cassie some credit.


Party Guests | Your Most Anticipated Book Release of This Year

I’ve been waiting for this book until I finished Caraval. My Owlcrate Finale box just came in, and I AM IN LOVE! It’s my first book box, and I couldn’t be happier.


Birthday Presents | A Book That Surprised You with How Much You Loved It

I love the Black Dagger Brotherhood. But Lover Awakened will be the most favourite read of that series. There will be no other book that can top my love for it.


The Happy Birthday Song | A Book That Certainly Deserved All the Hype It Got

I’m slowly, slowly finishing this book. And I adore every second of it. I haven’t read any of Roshani’s work prior, but I’m impressed and so excited to read the sequel.


Happy Music | A Book with Some Very Beautiful and Truly Memorable Quotes

I love a well-written villain and a morally grey character. Schwab is a master at creating the perfect quote.


Getting Older | A Book That You Read a Long Time Ago, but You Think That You Would Appreciate It More if You Read It as a More Mature Reader

How mature can a 30-year-old get? I first read the series when I was in Grade 8. But I wish I reread it later in life.


Sweet Birthday Memories | A Book That Kept You Incredibly Happy During a Sad or Demanding Period of Your Life

The Darkest Powers series is the only books I could read when I lost my first cat, Tobi. That time was one of the hardest because, along with her death, I had to accept the fact my chronic disease would never be cured. Then I developed depression and insomnia. So let’s say I wasn’t good. But Kelley’s series is what kept me sane when nothing else would.


I hope you all enjoyed the post! And for everyone celebrating their upcoming birthday, I hope you a fantastic day! I love you all.

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