The Jonas Brothers Book Tag

Oh boy, if my 15-year-old me were to do this post, I’d be on the floor laughing. Now? I’m just chuckling. Yes, I don’t listen to the Jonas Brothers, even though some of them are cute. I’m more of industrial rock, rap, indie rock, and some metal fan.

But I love Sha and Mandy from Book Princess Reviews and thought the tag was interesting. So here I am! Don’t forget to visit their blog! Do it.

Year 3000 | A Book/Series Set in the Way Distant Future or a Book/Series That Took You on an Adventure

LOL. Of course, the first question is related to sci-fi. You all know my love of Marissa’s books.


Hold On | A Book/Series That Took awhile for You to Get Into

Really a Kelly book? I love this series. It’s one of my favourites. But it took me forever to get into the fourth book.


S.O.S. | A Book/Series That You Needed Saving from

Maybe I’m too harsh with this book. But I struggled with it. Hopefully, the sequel is better.


When You Look Me in the Eyes | A Romance That Makes You Melt Into a Puddle of Goo

My two babies! I don’t know how readers waited for years to get to Paris and Sienna’s story. It took me months, and I was a bloody mess.


Burnin’ Up | A Book/Series So Good It Set You on Fire

Kristoff causes me the need to swear when I think about his books. I am dying to read his three 2019 books. Lifel1k3 is beyond anything I’ve read lately.


Lovebug | A Ship You Were Not Expecting, but It Happened, and You Ship It

I never expected this love story. In the first book, I had no expectations with the two characters falling in love. But I am so happy Renée took that chance.


Paranoid | A Book/Series That Kept You on Your Toes the Whole Time

My expectations weren’t disappointed. And by the end, I was biting my lip. Ugh, I just wish we had more Joker scenes in this sequel. I love Catwoman, and Sarah did her justice.


Sucker | A Book/Series You Would Reread Over and Over Again

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve read her first series. Honestly, I’ve been living through this series since I was a young teenager.

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12 thoughts on “The Jonas Brothers Book Tag

  1. Thank you for the tag. I have decided to take a break from doing tags after I finish the ones I’ve already drafted because I am burnt out on the but I will save this for when I get back to doing them.


  2. Thanks for tagging me! I have never (as far as I know) listened to the Jonas brothers, and…I don’t even know who they are, except by name :/ But this tag is great, so I’ll be doing it ASAP!


  3. Ooooh I enjoyed reading your answers, Siobhan! 🙂 I’m now at the point where I just have to instantly put Meyer’s name along with any sci-fi prompt. She does it so well. I was intrigued to see how Maas took on Catwoman, and I’m glad to see she did her justice. Wonderful answers, Siobhan, and thank you for the sweet introduction for us! ❤


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