Top Ten Tuesday | My Most Loved Book Adaptations

Happy Tuesday!

I truly believe nature forgot it’s supposed to be Spring right now. But I can’t complain. I’d rather be warm underneath a blanket instead of dying in my sweaty meat suit.

Top Ten Tuesday, originally created by The Broke and the Bookish and now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, is a weekly meme. The next prompt is all about the page-to-screen freebie. And I want to talk about TV shows and movies I adore, but I haven’t read the books that inspired them. Ugh, how can I possibly call myself a book blogger if I haven’t read the books?! Hear me out though.

But more importantly, enjoy my fan-filled post.


Let us bask in the glory of this obscenely gorgeous creature. I am ready to sin just so I could spend at least twenty-four-amazing-hours with Lucy. I understand this Morningstar may be a tad different from the original source, but I rather enjoy this one.


Discovery of Witches

Oh, this show won’t stay on my haven’t-read-yet list. I fully plan on reading the entire series. I cannot get over how much I an enthralled by the TV series. Several bloggers sparked my interest in the book series, but I knew I have to buy it once I found out it was coming to the small screen.


Handmaid’s Tale

This show will kill the damn airwaves once the new season arrives. I am so stoked about it. I have been waiting to see what June will inflict onto the people who’ve wronged her and the other Handmaids.



I enjoyed the movie. But I’m not a fan of Keanu (don’t ask me to watch THAT scene from John Wick). When I heard the comic gods were gracing us with a mostly authentic adaptation of Constantine, I knew he’d get his redemption. I’m still livid the show was cancelled.


Silence of the Lambs

I have wanted to read this series for years. But I was afraid that literary Hannibal may not claim my dark, twisted heart as much as movie Hannibal has. Come on, Hopkins was made for this role, and no other actor can top him.


The Magicians

After the season finale, I feel as if my heart is torn apart. But I’ll always watch this show, even though I have no intention of having the book ruin it for me. My love for Margo and Eliot is too strong, so I’ll live in ignorance.


The Passage

Finally, a vampire TV show that actually sends shivers down my back. I’ve waited for years to find one. And I adore both Mark-Paul and Saniyya. They make me love the series that more.

15 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday | My Most Loved Book Adaptations

  1. The Handmaid’s Tale is so intense! I love how symbolic the book is, and I know the TV show is equally as thoughtful. It was too intense for me to continue after 3 episodes, though. I’m a scardy cat, haha.


  2. I liked the first season of Lucifer but haven’t watched further yet. The Handmaid’s tale is awesome, I’m also waiting for the next season. Great list!


  3. I remember wanting to read The Handmaid’s Tale when I heard about it in high school. Have I read it? Not yet. There are lots of books out there, so if you don’t want to read these books, that’s okay.


  4. I’m grateful to have read The Handmaid’s Tale first, and re-read it while watching the series, but I admit the show adheres to the story very faithfully (except for the side plot of the husband and season 1 only of course). I’d argue the filmed version helped me better understand aspects of the story, but the printed one left me with much more to feel, explore and ponder. Tbh, the 1984 movie version does decent justice too, either way, I’m stoked for Atwood’s follow-up this year!
    My spin on this week:


  5. I’ve not watched all of A Discovery of Witches yet, but the books are amazing. I’ve read The Magicians as well but I didn’t enjoy that one, is the TV show any good?


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