Top Ten Tuesday | Unpopular Bookish Opinions

Happy Tuesday, lovelies!

Another week has arrived, and I all I want to do is to read and to sleep! What is wrong with me? 😂

Top Ten Tuesday, originally created by The Broke and the Bookish and now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, is a weekly meme. The new prompt is unpopular bookish opinions. Deep breath, people. Calm yourselves. We’ll be okay.

I’ve thought which ones to pick and which ones are plainly obvious. Now, these choices are my own opinion. We may not agree, and that’s fine. Hopefully, you do with some of them. Have fun!

If You’re a Blogger, You Don’t Have to Be on Instagram

I said it. Oops. Shun me. As a blogger, I know that Instagram intimidates me. How can I stake any claim to bookstagram when it’s so saturated? Perhaps as a Canadian blogger, I might. But I’m not sure if I can.


Morrigan from ACOTAR Is Bi

Sarah confirmed this. Mor herself said that she is attracted to females and males. But more diehard shippers want to erase Mor’s bisexuality. She simply prefers women. Can the fandom move along and accept this fact, please? Thanks.


I Don’t Understand Chick Lit

Can someone please explain it to me? Did I miss something when I matured? Or am I more tomboy? I don’t know, but I can’t stand reading it. Don’t get me wrong. I love romance, reverse harem, and paranormal romance. But I cannot read that genre. Don’t get me started on sports romance.


Rainbow Shelves Bother My OCD

I have slight OCD. I haven’t been officially diagnosed, but I’ve realized that even though I love the idea of rainbow shelves, with my mind, if I don’t see the sequel next to the first book, I’ll instantly start looking for it. And I can’t enjoy the shelf.


Flawed Female Lead

I love the unlikable female leads. If they’re problematic, angsty, bitchy, slightly psychotic, then I’m happy. We readers seem to support the broody male characters with the awful, pain-ridden past, and yet we don’t support the flawed females. Come on, it’s 2019.


YA Is a Category, Not a Genre

My education likes to creep up and to make me look more like a Ravenclaw, not show off my Slytherin roots. So when readers say they love the YA genre, my eye twitches. And I want to smack them with a book. Trust me, I’ve done it before.


I’m Starting to Hate Multiple Special Editions

This type of marketing is dividing our community. More international readers cannot afford these. I know I can’t. But I saw how it affects every single reader when Caraval and Aurora Rising (and many others) hit the scene. Why do people need so many special editions? There’s no point unless you’re a collector. And that’s stretch.


The Cancel Culture Needs to Calm Down, Bloggers

Now, if the occasion absolutely calls for it, then stop following said author or blogger. But jumping onto the cancel bandwagon all the time makes me question people’s motives. Base your choices and decisions on facts, not on other people’s opinion.


What do you think? Do we have similar unpopular opinions? Do you hate me more or less? As a blogger and reader, what bothers you the most?

29 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday | Unpopular Bookish Opinions

  1. I agree with everything on here. I have the unlikable female characters on mine too. Come on people, what is with all the hate for women that are real?

    Also, thank you for mentioning the genre vs category. It’s a bit of a pet peeve of mine because they can’t all be genres LOL

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  2. I have to agree with that last one. There are a few problematic authors that I’m personally not interested in because of some things they’ve said or done, but that doesn’t mean other people have to.

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  3. I’m with you here, ESPECIALLY on the YA thing and the cancel culture. In my backend system on my blog, I have a whole separate category for age designation, because I don’t think they should apply to books. Also because that stigma of reading YA (from non-readers) still exists and who cares if it’s YA, hope about we just call it contemporary/fantasy/whatever?

    I’m also super here about the cancel culture. There have been a couple this year that were particularly bad because the “cancel” came from a very narrow perspective and discounted experiences from other countries and it was just problematic all the way around *huff puff*

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    • That’s a fantastic idea though! Honestly, I still don’t understand why people hate YA. I’m 30 and adore it.

      I understand it when we do need to stop supporting an author or a book. But I’d rather discover the reasons why on my own so I can determine if I should stop supporting said person. I feel as if we’re making a dangerous environment for anyone to be in.

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  4. Special editions are nothing more than a money grab, IMO. They can be fun, but if some of us have been buying books as they come out, why buy the special editions? The book inside is the same, you are paying for a pretty cover.

    I wish I would have included in my TTT that the age of the main characters alone does not necessarily make a book YA, i.e. Nevernight.

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    • I rarely buy them. I recently bought the Owlcrate Finale one. And while I love it, I know it’s the same book with a fancy cover. But I’ve seen people buy five copies of each Caraval book. It’s insane.

      I have seen Kristoff do his daily “Nevernight is not YA” campaign on Twitter. And it’s truly sad he has to do it. The same goes for the ACOTAR series. Clearly not YA, but a part of the fandom doesn’t care.


  5. I am so untalented when it comes to Instagram, that I like don’t even bother posting original content anymore. I just share other photos and tell people to go follow since their feeds are actually worth following. That sounds terrible but hey, better than trying to be something I’m not lol.

    Here’s my Top Ten Tuesday if you want to visit!


  6. Oh my slytherin heart!!!!
    Rainbow shelves are too much color together lol. Yes, pretty, but I also want my books in order.
    FLAWED FEMALES!!!!! I think this is legit why I love Claire Legrand so much. Most of us bitches are a little cracked if not broken. Let it be a thing!


  7. the special editions are killing me – specifically the Harry Potter ones! I already own the series in paperback and I’m getting the illustrated versions as they’re released which is fine as there’s artwork included, so it’s totally different. BUT. the House editions??? I tried just buying Slytherin as that’s my house. but then I wanted Gryffindor because of the trio. and then I am a fan of Ravenclaw, but I’m like NO, you have TWO identical copies barring the cover, you don’t need a third! and yet I really want it…UGH. well played, Bloomsbury, well played.


  8. OMG yes to so much of this!! (The YA thing really annoys me!! It’s an age group/category, not a genre!! 🤬) Also yes, Mor is bi, so everyone just needs to deal with that. (But also Sarah needs to give her a happy ending because everyone else got one and I’m not happy about this!)

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