The Mid-Year Freak Out Tag


You know, this year is one of the roughest. But I’m glad to see a new season, even if I’m melting in the summer heat. I’ve been wanting to do this tag but didn’t get around to it. But Leelynn from Sometimes Leelynn Reads tagged in it. Thank you, sweetheart!

Do not miss out on her blog! I hope you love my post.

What Is the Best Book That You’ve Read so Far in 2019?

I wasn’t sure if I’d love the book. I’ve never read any of Roshani’s work. But I can’t get enough of this historical fiction!


What Has Been Your Favourite Sequel of the First Half of the Year?

DROOGS! If you aren’t reading this series, you don’t deserve the honor of that title.


Is There a New Release That You Haven’t Read Yet, but Your Really Excited To?

It’s so pretty. Why haven’t I read it yet? Damn you, TBR pile.


What Is Your Most Anticipated Release for the Second Half of the Year?

I’m looking forward to the smut, stabbiness, Mr. Kindly, and Mia. That is all. And I need the deleted scene Three like I need air.


What Is Your Biggest Disappointment so Far?

Do you know how much I wanted to love this book? But the historical inaccuracies, lack of storytelling, and no direction simply ruined it for me.

What Is Your Biggest Surprise so Far?

I love reverse harem. But I’m still a rookie in that genre. However, Coralee makes me love it with no hesitancy.


What Is Your Favourite New-to-You or Debut Author?

Somaiya has pushed off her sequel until 2020. But I’ll wait for it. Mirage is one of those stories that demands attention, and I’m sure her next piece will do the same.


What Is Your Favourite Fictional Crush from This Year?

Hello there, Ryker and Gavriel. I’ve got my eyes on you. Give me swoon-worthy, broken, broody men any day.


What Is Your New Favourite Character?

Cricket from DEV1AT3! Why must Kristoff make me love a robot?! I just want my precious boy to be okay.


A Book That Made You Cry

I’ve never rooted for an OTP until this one. Zsadist and Bella are relationship goals!


A Book That Made You Happy

My elation is mixed with sadness. I don’t want the series to end. But Stephanie has wrapped it up beautifully. However, I hold out some hope for a sequel named Encore.


Your Favourite Book to Movie/TV Show That You’ve Seen so Far

It’s a tie between The Handmaid’s Tale and A Discovery of Witches. I swore off witch shows


What Is the Most Beautiful Book That You Bought?



What Is Your Favourite Post That You Have Written so Far This Year?

I cannot separate these posts since they’re a part of a discussion series. But all of my Beyond the Blurb posts are at the top of my list. I never knew this series would take off, but you don’t know how satisfying it is.


What Are Six Books That You Want to Read by the End of the Year?

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12 thoughts on “The Mid-Year Freak Out Tag

  1. I still need to read Gilded Wolves! I’m so glad that you liked it so much ❤ Ahh this was so much fun! I'm also super late to the Lifel1k3 series so I don't get to be called a droog yet 😦 But hopefully soon! I don't know how I spaced on that one!


  2. Ah thanks for the tag!! Sorry I’m the slowest blogger of all time these days. I literally have got to read some Jay Kristoff or else I’m offended by myself. Besides Illuminae lol, which I hope you love!! A title Encore would be a sneaky way to continue the continue the Caraval series I’m into it, even though that whole series is still on my TBR, patiently waiting for me…


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