Top Ten Tuesday | My Morally Gray Squad

Morning, everyone!

When I first started this post, I needed time to figure out what I wanted out of it. Freebies are always hard for me, somehow. They either excel beautifully or bomb. I hope for the former.

Top Ten Tuesday, originally created by The Broke and the Bookish and now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, is a weekly meme. The new prompt is a character freebie. I had several ideas, but the morally gray squad stuck with me.

Hope you all enjoy!

Manon Blackbeak

There is no chance I could finish my picks unless I knew Manon was at the top. This character spoke too much to me that I was surprised I didn’t hate her at the beginning. It took me a wyvern to convince me to take another look at her.


Mia Corvere

Are you all that shocked I’d have Mia on here? Of course not. I aspire to her calibre someday. Now, I probably won’t go on a stabbing spree, but at least my sarcasm will slice away at any unsuspecting victims.


Nikolai Lantsov

The King of Shadows can be at the helm of my ship whenever he likes. 😉 At first, I wasn’t sure if I’d like Nikolai. He’s one of the few characters from the Grisha Trilogy I can tolerate though. With his spectacular good looks and the fact he’s a pirate king, I know I’ve chosen well.


Nova Artino

Nova, Nova, Nova, the ambiguous one who doesn’t know where she stands. Ah, I love her. Sure, her alter ego is rough on the edges. But she has a tenacity about her. And I think we’d have fun terrorizing the simpletons.


Eve Levine

The half-demon witch from the underworld, Eve Levine, is one character who has always inspired me. She went against the grain and got herself killed because of it. However, this ghost-turned-angel won’t let that inconvenience stop her.


Jude and Cardan

My two little twisted babies will always make the cut. Both of them know how to cheat, trick, and betray their way out of any dicey situation.



How can Cricket, a logika, end up here? Well, we all need some type of conscience, right? And since humans are slightly flawed, I might as well have a robot on the team. And frankly, I need to comedic relief.


So which character would make it on your morally gray squad? What would you do as one?

18 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday | My Morally Gray Squad

  1. I STILL have to read the superhero series by Marissa. It sounds like a fun, and really interesting story. Plus as someone who loves the superhero genre, I’m curious! 🙂


  2. Haha, Jude and Cardan are definitely up there. I just got Nevernight today because it’s on sale. Haven’t read it yet though.

    I think I’d put Adelina Amouteru and Magiano (from The Young Elites) up on my morally gray squad. You might say that Adelina is just outright evil, but since you do get to see her character develop, you kinda understand her and therefore I put her in the morally gray category.

    I find freebies difficult too.


  3. Morally gray characters are so fun! I like the idea of this post. I am going to have to do it someday. I think my favorite morally gray characters are from Beth Flynn’s Nine Minutes trilogy.


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