Top Ten Tuesday | Settings I’d Like to See More Of

Happy Tuesday, bloggers!

Who’s ready for this prompt? It’s Tuesday already, and I need a break or a long nap. Or potentially both. I can’t be alone in that sentiment. 😂

Top Ten Tuesday, originally created by The Broke and the Bookish and now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, is a weekly meme. The latest topic is settings I’d like to see more of. We readers live through thousands of worlds, but some settings we don’t get a lot of. So I wanted to pick my top seven settings I need to read.

I hope you love my choices!


I get this idea from Sorcery of Thorns, which I’ve almost finished. I love the quiet solitude libraries bring to a story. You don’t know what you’ll find around the bookshelf and down the darkened hallway.


Intergalactic Space

As I dabble more in science fiction, I’ve found a newfound love for space and intergalactic settings. When done correctly, they give you a multitude of layers within a book and series. And the setting itself almost becomes a character you love.


Other Dimensions (Demon)

I don’t see many storylines that explore other dimensions. But some of my favourite titles have weaved their way into those dimensions. I’d especially love to see demon ones.


On and Under the Sea

I absolutely adore sea travel. But I don’t see it often. And I hate that since some of my favourite books are on the high seas.  And when authors blend both of them together, the story is superb.


Historical in Fantasy

I don’t find many chances to read historical settings. But when I was young, they’ve always intrigued me. It doesn’t matter if they’re in our world or another. I love them.



I live in Canada. So why is this on my list? Well, I love it. I love how magical it is, how deadly, and how damaging it can become. But you also find some of the most resilient characters there.


Private Schools

Really, Sibby? Come on! You hate entitled people. Okay, I do. But since I found bully romance, which I haven’t read yet but want to, I’m warming up to it.


What do you think about my picks? Are yours similar? Or have you found new ones you’re interested in?

23 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday | Settings I’d Like to See More Of

  1. Libraries (and bookstores) also appear on my list. And I’ve definitely read several fun books set at sea the past few years, so I’d be happy to see more of them!


  2. The library in Sorcery of Thorns is one of my favorite settings of the year, too. And I agree so much about intergalactic space – there are so many things that a sci-fi book can do with it. Great list!


  3. My internet went out as I originally commented so if you get a double comment by me, blame the internet!!! (But, really, though!) ALSO, yes, to all of these. I’d love so many of these. Even some combined. There are just so many good settings that need to be explored/expanded upon more frequently!


  4. Great list of settings, and I found myself nodding my head to all of them but the private school one! I definitely love books set in space, and would LOVE to see books featuring alternate dimensions, especially demon worlds and/or the Underworld.


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