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Morning, everyone!

I have yet to do any Summer-themed posts on my blog. And I’m a little disappointed with myself. But I’ve spent more time inside than out, so I haven’t been that festive with the season. 😂 And I’m also trying to wrap my mind around the fact that at the end of next month, Summer will be over.

I found this tag on Audrey Writes Abroad. Take a look at Audrey’s blog before you get to my post!


A Series You Plan on Finishing by the End of the Summer

I had a love/dislike relationship with Three Dark Crowns. I enjoyed the worldbuilding, characters, and magic system. But some issues kept me from reading the two sequels when they came out. Now that Five Dark Fates is coming out next month, I know I have to catch up.


A Romance You Plan on Reading by the End of the Summer

This hot number is coming out this month. And I cannot wait to see what Coralee will give us. I’ll read anything and everything she publishes! I’m hooked.


A New Release You Really Want to Read

Today, I’ve started reading it, and I love how creepy it is. I’m the opposite from other readers. I prefer to start reading atmospheric books near the end of the Summer so I can quickly transition into Fall.


A Bookish Goal You Want to Accomplish

I have many. First, I want to catch up on my Goodreads Challenge, which I’m three books behind schedule. I was ahead, but alas, life likes to take me away from reading. I’ll get there.

I’d also love to be more active in the book community and on my blog.


A Non-Bookish Goal You Set for Yourself for the Summer

I would like to continue with my counselling, which I didn’t believe it could help, but it does. I’d like to get my health back and find a happy balance in life where I’m not fighting for good days.


Read on the Beach or in a Park?

Both but with exceptions. I need shade, or I’ll burn within minutes. Blame my Scottish roots on that.


Go-To Summer Read: Cute Romance or Thriller?

When I first started blogging, I would have said thriller. Now though, I love a good horror or paranormal romance. Both genres are perfect for Summer!


What’s Your Biggest Dream/Goal in Life?

I want to continue working as a marketing assistant, but I’d love to design some of our books. I always struggled with what career title I wanted. I wasn’t sure if I wanted design or marketing. And now, I have the option of both at my position.


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6 thoughts on “Summer Goals Book Tag

  1. Great tag and I love your goals! I love that you are giving yourself options and even mixing somethings together like paranormal and romance… marketing and design. Go you!


  2. Thanks so much for the tag, lovely!! Gonna bank this for the Australian summer at the end of the year 😛 Hahaha it’s so interesting that you read more atmospheric books to transition you out of summer, I’ve never thought of that! Esp would never have considered reading horror or paranormal during Summer 😅

    Best of luck with your Summer goals – I especially hope you’ll end summer with better headspace and mental health ☺️❤️

    💛 Ngoc


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