Top Ten Tuesday | Favourite Tropes

Happy Tuesday, bloggers!

For months, I’ve been waiting for this week. One, the gang is going to FanExpo again. Even though I’m thrilled about it, the bloody place is packed, and I always feel claustrophobic there. But two, I get to go to my first HCC Frenzy Presents! I wanted to attend the Spring one this year but couldn’t attend. So I am counting down the days for this weekend.

Top Ten Tuesday, originally created by The Broke and the Bookish and now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, is a weekly meme. We get to discuss our favourite tropes! I cannot count the number of tropes I hate. But these are the ones I hold a special flame for.

I hope you all enjoy the post!


Of course, this trope is number one. I’ll always support and promote it. It’s one of my favourites. And when done well, it can set off a book beautifully.


Morally Grey Characters and Themes

I don’t always enjoy a goody-goody character or a black-or-white theme. I love the variety. I need complicated layers and characters who aren’t afraid of bending the rules for themselves, their loved ones, and their cause. Nothing wrong in that, right? Right?


Lost or Secret Heir

I wasn’t always a fan of it. But when I read Throne of Glass, I was hooked. Maas is a master of this trope. So I am drawn toward these books because I like the thrill of peeling back the mystery and figuring out who these characters are.


Broken, Broody, and Brash Male Character

Hello there, darlings. I’m trash for this trope. Honestly. Once I know there’s a broody man, I have no way of steering clear from the novel. And I know I’m not the only reader who thinks that way.


Humble Beginnings

I prefer the characters who have struggled to survive. Why? I relate to them the most. I see myself in them. And I adore how they mature and develop into a strong-willed person who’s resilient. Frankly, they give me strength.


Villain Redemption

The trope doesn’t mean that every villain will find redemption, and I don’t look forward to that storyline. No. I love how villains still stay true to who they are but also discover some kind of redemption and be stronger than what they were. It plays an intriguing narrative.


Love Interest Pretending to Hate the Protagonist

It makes you want to punch the love interest. Truly, I’ve thrown my books because of these characters. They infuriate me, but I LOVE it.


What are your favourite tropes? Do you see yours on my list?

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