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Morning, sweets!

This past weekend has been the most hectic yet fulfilling two days. I finally attend FanExpo, which was so crowded and loud, and my very first HarperCollins Frenzy Presents. I haven’t had a weekend this busy in years.

Let’s be straight. Guilt is a tricky and messy emotion to deal with. I rarely like handling it, but I couldn’t pass up the tag though. I found this amusing tag on Pam Who Cried Books. I haven’t followed Pam for long. But I’m glad I did. So swing by her blog, won’t you?

Have fun reading, everyone!

Have You Re-Gifted a Book You’ve Been Given?

I rarely receive an actual book as a gift. I typically receive gift cards from my local Indigo because my friends know I’m a picky buyer, and I want to pick the best copy. When I say picky, I’m obsessed.


Have You Said You’ve Read a Book when You Haven’t?

Unfortunately, I read Twilight, so I don’t think anything worse than that would make me say that. 😂


Have You Borrowed a Book and Not Returned It?

HA. Oh boy, yes. I have a classic art textbook I borrowed from high school. In my defence though, it is a ten-pound book, and I couldn’t handle lugging it back to school.


Have You Read a Series Out of Order?

I cannot do this. No. Nada. Nope. No way. I hate when I spoil myself. And while I routinely do that, I don’t want to ruin an entire series by not reading in order. What kind of reader do you think I am?


Have You Spoiled a Book for Someone?

Mhmm, on Twitter too. But here’s my defence: the book has been out for more than a year and a half. After a year, if you’re spoiled, that’s on you.


Have You Dog-Eared a Book?

YES. And I regret doing that to a hard-to-find hardcover of one of my favourite books. I can’t believe I let myself do that.


Have You Told Someone You Don’t Own a Book When You Do?

NEVA. Why would I? I’m not entirely ashamed of my book collection.


Have You Told Someone You Haven’t Read a Book when You Have?

Ahem. I read reverse harem. Anything else doesn’t matter.


Have You Skipped a Chapter or a Section of a Book?

When I’m on the verge of DNFing a book, or I’m simply not into a section, I am so guilty of this. And I do not care when I do.


Have You Bad Mouthed a Book You Actually Liked?

Have you heard of my dislike of certain authors? I may love their work, but I’d like to smack them with it.

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9 thoughts on “Guilty Reader Book Tag

  1. WHAT?! Are there actually people who read series out of order?! WHAT KIND OF MONSTER WOULD DO THAT 😱 Also I don’t think I’ve ever *permanently* skipped a whole section of a book, but sometimes in multiple POV books I’ll skip past a character I don’t care about & then go back later 😂

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  2. Thank you for the tag! That’s so sad about your dog-eared rare book 😭 I’ve been there, years ago! Now, I will admit I do on very rare occasion dog-ear, but only if it’s like, a ratty old paperback I bought used maybe, or an ARC of a book that I don’t expect to be very highly “valued” when I finish with it, if that makes sense. (Like a basic YA contemporary or something – no high-priority fantasy releases etc.)


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