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Morning, readers!

I haven’t been around lately since Mom has started her next round of treatments. So even though I’ve been blogging, I haven’t had any energy to do anything else other than quick and easy posts. So another tag post, it is.

Now, I found this tag on Berries and Books. I’ve followed Dora for the longest time, and she has some of the best content out there. Go check her out, will you?

Have fun reading!

Favourite Book of All Time

I won’t stop talking about it, can’t stop thinking about it, and won’t stop championing it either. Some dark novels are worth the buzz. And this one sure is.


Favourite Book Five Years Ago

Back then, I was all about the cheesy YA series. But this one always stuck out to me. I was obsessed with it for years.


Favourite Duology/Trilogy/Series

I haven’t stopped thinking about this series. And it came into my life when I needed it the most.


Last Book You Read

I had a hard time reading this book. This month, my mood reading has been all over the place, so I wonder that’s why I didn’t love the book.


Last Poetry Book You Read

I haven’t read poetry since high school. So I’ll go with a poetry book I’ll read next! I heard her read in person, and I am absolutely amazed by her work.


What Book Most Influenced Your Life

I’m not surprised to see this here. I’m not. It’s practically my bible of sorts.



Book That Made You Ugly Cry

THAT ENDING SHOULDN’T EXIST. That is all. I haven’t forgiven Amie or Jay. And I don’t think a year of waiting will help me.



Book That Made You Laugh

This book is my first bully romance. I was worried about it, but I had several moments where I snorted, giggled, and downright cackled at scenes.



Character You’d Like To Be For a Day

If I were able to be a warrior librarian, I would be ecstatic! Frankly, I just want to have a conversation with a grumpy book.



Book So Good You Dreamt About It

This book. This author. This story. Ah! I’m still thinking about it.



Book You DNF’d

Yes, I DNF’d it. But I’ll pick it up soon, but I’m not sure when though.



What Book Are You Excited To Read

I’m rather excited for a book from a series I haven’t started yet. But some members of my book gang loved it. So I’m a little too eager to get to it.

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12 thoughts on “Get to Know YA Book Tag

  1. Ha, there I am, blog-hopping and you even have a Get to know me-tag handy. 😀
    I can’t wait to read Aurora Rising, it should arrive in my mailbox any day now. But noooooooo, not an evil cliffhanger. Nooooo! 😭


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