Halloween Song Book Tag

Morning, ghouls!

Who’s up for another Halloween tag? The weekend has arrived, and I want to take it easy since I’ve found out I have Achilles tendonitis, which is much more painful than I thought it would be.

I love to see all the new Halloween tags popping up. I want to thank Nicole from A Beautiful Chaos of Books for tagging me. Please check out her BookTube account!

I hope you enjoy.

Thriller | A book that was an absolute page-turner

I believe I devoured this book within twenty-four hours. I couldn’t get enough of it. I know it’s not Halloween, but I can’t stop talking about it though.


Somebody’s Watching Me | A book that gave you the serious creeps

Not knowing who was killing the sister and not figuring out who was next gave me some serious creeps. And I don’t think I could attend a dance after reading this.


Vampire | A book you hated so much it was soul-sucking (i.e incredibly tedious to get through)

I didn’t hate it. No, I loved the premise of the book. But it took forever for me to finish. And I DNF’d it on my first try.


I Put a Spell on You | A book featuring witchcraft or magic

This title may be one of my favourite witch books. And I can’t help but recommend it to everyone.


This Is Halloween | Your favourite treat/snack to eat while reading

I adore eating Reese’s Pieces or chocolate-cover raisins. They’re one-handed and easy to snack on!


Time Warp | What book or books do you like to return to at this time of year?

I always feel the need to read this book during the autumn time. I used to do rereads of it for years. But I stopped once I started blogging.


Hungry like the Wolf | A book you loved so much, you devoured

I don’t always read these teacher-and-student books. Typically, I stay away from them. But Coralee wrote the perfectly sinful one I couldn’t resist.


The Adams Family | A book featuring a dysfunctional family

A fae sister who almost doesn’t care, one twin who betrays everyone, and the other twin addicted to poison may be more dysfunctional than I thought.


Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) | A book genre that you are scared or intimidated to pick up

Graphic horror novels are on the top of my list. I think reading horror is difficult enough. Seeing images is worse.


The Twilight Zone | A book with a completely different and unique premise

When the dead won’t stay dead, what do you do? Well, if you’re a gravedigger, it’s your duty. I am loving the wit and the sass. The plot itself is intriguing, and I cannot wait to see what happens at the end.

I Tag

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8 thoughts on “Halloween Song Book Tag

  1. OMG I’m STILL waiting for my copy of Serpent & Dove to arrive!! I can’t wait to read it when it does!!
    Also, Jude’s family are VERY dysfunctional – probably about as much as Cardan’s… (I mean, who kills their father, all their siblings, but also tortures the only one left…?!)


  2. Thanks for the tag, this looks like a fun one! I’m really enjoying The Bone Houses too, it is so refreshing for a zombie tale even though I am a little ??? about the worldbuilding lmao

    I hope your achilles tendonitis heals soon, love


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