Bookending Autumn | Best Horror Movies to Watch for Halloween

Morning, bloggers!

I want to go outside of my typical niche and talk about horror flicks. I am a book blogger, but movies are another hobby I have. Halloween is one of my well-loved holidays. And there’s no chance to skip a post about scary films to get you in the spirit.

So here are my horror faves! I hope you love the post.

A Quiet Place

I would suggest not watching this alone. But during the night might be the optimal time for viewing this flick. Don’t eat anything. Don’t talk. Just let the movie scare you every chance it gets. It’s such an atmospheric movie that my heart starts beating a bit more once I start thinking about it.


Cabin in the Woods

A Cabin in the Woods will always stay on my top ten list of favourite films. At first, I thought it’d be another stupid movie trying to play with the big titles. But I was wrong. Both Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon created such a laugh-out-loud horror that you can’t help but love it.


The Conjuring Universe

I need to catch up on this series, but it may be one of the cherished ones (yes, I cherish a horror series). It brings enough of the scare factor but also gives you character development and strength, which is needed in horror movies.


IT: Chapters One and Two

Don’t hurt me, but I admit now that I enjoyed Chapter Two more than I did the first one. I loved the children in the first movie, but I connected with the characters more in the final flick. And frankly, if a scene I know that’ll happen scares me, who loves horror, then you know the movie is good.


30 Days of Night

I never read the comic books, but I absolutely adore this movie. It’s one of the few vampire flicks that utterly freaks me out and one I admire. The vampire genre has been butchered and overused in the last several years. But I keep coming back to this one.

So what are your favourite horror movies? Do you see any of yours on my list? What flicks do you plan to watch to celebrate Halloween?

5 thoughts on “Bookending Autumn | Best Horror Movies to Watch for Halloween

  1. I’m sticking with Mickey’s House of Villains and Tim Burton films – I cannot handle horror. One time, I watched the Haunting in Connecticut… Let’s just say it did NOT end well! 😂😂😂 Although… I have to admit that after watching Buzzfeed Unsolved the Conjuring movies look interesting! [Apparently I never learn].


  2. My favorite is the original Thailand version of Shutter. That rattled me as a kid and still does as an adult. haha


  3. Omg I couldn’t watch any of these films. Too scary for me lol. About as scary as I get is hocus Pocus 😂😂😂😂


  4. We just watched the first It a few days ago and we weren’t very impressed. The acting was great and there were some jump-scares, but it didn’t blow me away. We did love A Quiet Place! What a phenomenal film! Your description of A Cabin in the Woods has me intrigued. May have to check that one out! Great post!


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