Top Ten Tuesday | Traits That Make Me Love Characters

Happy Tuesday, bloggers!

I wondered what I’d pick for this week’s topic. I thought I’d go with just one option, but I picked all three since they mostly connect together in some way.

Top Ten Tuesday, originally created by The Broke and the Bookish and now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, is a weekly meme. The next prompt is all about character traits I love/personality traits I love to see in book characters/things that make me love a character. Hannah from Books, Life, and Other Oddities submitted the topic.

I hope you love this post! Have fun, everyone.


Scheming face!!! I had to. Ahem. Scheming is a thing I love to discover from characters. I want to see how they’ll get out of a situation, how they get themselves in that situation to begin with, and if they’ll surprise me. I always come up with theories, so when a character breaks them, then I’m a happy reader.


Never Giving Up even when the Odds Are Against Them

Even if they say they want to give up, these characters know they won’t because that’s not who they are. And I forever admire them for this trait. That personality trait is one I want to live up to, even now when I’m struggling. If characters can find the strength to get up when life is always tearing them down, then I know I can do the same.


Cunning and Sly

You can blame my Slytherin for this trait. But I love it when I find a cunning character, especially one that isn’t afraid to show it. I find these characters refreshing and honest. But they keep me on my toes since I don’t know what they’ll do or where they’ll turn. And I don’t always see that in a character. So I appreciate it.


Willing to Show Weakness

This trait is when I appreciate characters more. And you typically find they’re battling mental illness, which is important to me. No, having a mental illness doesn’t mean they’re weak. Hell no. But you are usually at your lowest point when they realize they need help.



I mean more darkly menacing. I know this trait is more negative. However, when I see a character be all broody, I know I’ll be hooked on him. Maybe Buffy the Vampire Slayer conditioned me this way. I don’t know or care how I got here. I love a broody character.


Snarky and sarcastic

Need I say more? Not really. If I don’t have at least one sarcastic character in a book, I don’t think I could connect with the book.

19 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday | Traits That Make Me Love Characters

  1. Willing to show weakness, snarky and sarcastic and scheming are my favorites from on here! (Also, I had no idea you were a Slytherin! Most of my friends are Slytherin. I’m a Ravenclaw.)


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