Top Ten Tuesday | Books I’d Give Different Titles To

Happy Tuesday, bloggers,

Did anyone struggle with this week’s topic? I can’t be the only one who had no clue on what to pick. Truly, an easy prompt is all I need. πŸ˜‚ But we need to spice things up, yes?

Top Ten Tuesday, originally created by The Broke and the Bookish and now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, is a weekly meme. The new prompt is books I’d give different titles to. I may work for a book publisher, but I might be a little rusty on book titles.

Even though I wasn’t sure what to choose, I hope the post is a fun read for you all!

The Girl the Sea Gave Back


Easy, simple, and one word that explains a lot. I don’t like long titles, which typically get turned into acronyms. Short and sweet are my fave. And I thought Truthtongue fits that.


Honor Bound

Honor among the Stars

Following the first title, I thought this new name would suit the book better. I don’t mind the original name, but I didn’t love it as I did the first.




Renegades, Anarchists…you get the idea. I thought the publisher would call this addition that. But unfortunately, it picked Archenemies. Yes, it somewhat goes with the theme of the book. But I would have loved the villain’s name on a book for once.


War Storm

Blood Wars

Not much of a change, but I thought it fit with the overall storyline of the book. Blood and war are inevitable, especially in this series. So I thought combining the two would be a nice twist, right?




I DAMN WELL EXPECTED DARKCROSS. But I got Wildcard. Yes, I’m still salty over the name. I wasn’t happy. And I’m still not happy. Just imagine Warcross and Darkcross sit side by side. I’d love it.

17 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday | Books I’d Give Different Titles To

  1. Although I haven’t read these I do like your reasoning behind why you chose them- especially since I’m famous for abbreviating long titles and it drives some people crazy lol


  2. This was a hard prompt this week! I couldn’t come up with anything so I had to change mine. But you did so good! I think I like your titles better! πŸ™‚


  3. My brain couldn’t handle this week’s TTT prompt so I decided to go for something super easy instead πŸ˜…I like the changed names that you picked though! I’m even more curious to read The Girl the Sea Gave Back with the name you chose, too! Great TTT πŸ™‚


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