Beyond the Blurb | Why I’m on a Bookish Box Ban!

Morning, everyone!

For months, I have tried to ignore the growing bookish stuff I’ve collected. I thought I’d be proud of this collection. But instead, I feel like a bookish hoarder with nowhere else to go but to part with some items I know I shouldn’t have purchased.

But how did I get here? Frankly, I don’t know. I don’t understand how I went from wanting a few boxes or candles to collecting more items than I can handle. So I decided to organize what I’ve accumulated. And it wasn’t easy. Yes, some of the candles are on my new shelf. But I still have boxes leftover from Wick and Fable, Flick the Wick, Owlcrate, Shelflove Crate, Fae Crate, and even Lit Joy Crate. And I still feel as if I haven’t hit the entire collection.

So what do I do? Well, I’ve put myself on a book box ban. Yes, you’ve heard me. I’m on a ban. I’d rather spend my money on shelves and books than these boxes. But why am I on a ban though? Let’s break down the reasons why:

I Don’t Have Any More Room

I don’t have many rooms to fill up, so space is limited in my house, which is already full of other stuff anyway. I can’t let a want take place for a need, do you understand?


I’ve Wasted Too Much Money on Junk

Once I saw what I bought, I knew I wasted my money on half of my collection. I could have spent my money more conservatively or not at all. Now, I regret a lot of purchases and time. I could have saved an ample amount of cash from shipping. But that’s the problem with regret. Sometimes you simply have to learn what you’ve done and not do it again.


I Don’t See the Point in Them Anymore

Book boxes have lost some appeal. Since I don’t see the value in them anymore, why should I put more money into them when they aren’t giving me that wow factor? They aren’t. Not anymore. So there’s no reason for me to spend time and money giving them.


I Can Spend My Money on Something Else

Like books, right? Yup. Or anything else, really. I see a better way of spending my money on things that give me pleasure and happiness, not on a temporary thrill like book boxes give me. So once my final two boxes come in, I’ll be on a total book and candle box ban.

Are you in the same situation as me? What do you think about going on a book box ban? Have you ever been on one before, or are you on one now? Let’s chat about bans and the reasons why they’re important.

7 thoughts on “Beyond the Blurb | Why I’m on a Bookish Box Ban!

  1. I’ve never bought a book box, there’s part of me that would love one for the experience but I just don’t think they’re for me as I’m not really into bookish merch. I’d much rather spend my money on actual books :)) Great post


  2. Yeah, I’ve never tried a book box, and I can’t say I’ve ever been drawn to them. Most of the boxes I’ve seen tend to heavily gear towards YA fiction, which isn’t a genre I often read, and like you I simply don’t have room in my tiny condo for stuff!!


  3. I so feel this post. I’ve bought a few book boxes in the past, and they always seem like a good idea at first, but then I end up not even liking or using most of the stuff in them. That’s why I decided to try book of the month in November because I do want the experience of trying new books outside of my normal TBR, but don’t want all the stuff that comes in a book box. Great post!


  4. I am so disappointed that you didn’t include that photo of shame in this post, lmao. But this is a great post and tbh I should probably bookmark it and redirect my browser here whenever I almost order an Owlcrate or Lit Joy Crate box.


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