Beyond the Blurb | How to Crawl Out of a Reading Slump

Morning bloggers,

Well, if you’re reading this post, then you might have fallen into the same reading slump as I had recently. Reading slumps are rather fickle, almost as much as my mood reading. But there are several ways to beat it. But how do you get out of it if you’re not sure how you got into it? That’s where you need to do some detective work.

So don’t worry if you’re in one though. I’ll give you the advice to crawl out of your dreaded reading slump and get you back on track.

Ask Yourself why You’re in One

For my slump, I suffer from blogger burnout. I blogged too much last year when I was going through the worst experience of my life. I didn’t take the time off that I needed, and I suffered for that decision. Now, I’m trying to rebuild my blog up again but learn from my experience.

So always ask yourself why you’re in a slump and what put you in it and see if you can get yourself out of it.


Pick Books You Know Will Help You Get Out of It

Reread your favourite genre, book, or series. Don’t let anyone or any challenge dictate what you read or when you read it. Choose books you know will help you get out of this slump. If that particular novel doesn’t help you, then pick another.


Refresh Your Genre Picks

If you’re stuck in a genre, then perhaps that genre may have put you in a slump. That’s okay though. You can always switch up your picks and see if that helps you. Don’t always stay in one genre. Sure, you’re a huge fan of science fiction, romance, or fantasy, but sometimes you need variety.


DNF Any Books That Don’t Interest You

Don’t ever feel guilty about DNF’ing books, especially ones that are making you slip into a slump. Sometimes, you’ll find certain books that don’t interest you. So let them go, don’t let them bring you down. You can always come back to them when you’re in a better mood.


Relax Your Reading Schedule

Yes, your Goodreads Reading Challenge may hate you, but your mind will thank you. What’s the point in suffering when you read when you need time away from reading? Take a break, find your love of reading again, and don’t let anything or anyone tell you differently.

3 thoughts on “Beyond the Blurb | How to Crawl Out of a Reading Slump

  1. Love these tips. I’ve definitely employed a few of them over the years when I’ve gotten into slumps. Rereading my favourite genres tends to work best and gets me excited again to pick up books!


  2. Good tips! I try and adhere to the whole ‘don’t finish a book if you don’t like it because life’s too short’ ethos but I seem to be currently stuck on one that I should DNF but haven’t for some reason. Probably because I don’t want a DNF so early in the year.


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