Monthly Wrap-Up: January 2020

Morning, everyone!

Okay, so January wasn’t a horrible month, but I felt a little off for most of it. Ovall, it was good bookwise, but I didn’t let my blogging slump bring me down. Surprisingly though, I hit my first 500 blog post, and I am so excited my blog has reached this far. I never knew it would!

I hope your month was great for you! Enjoy the read.

I’ve finally crawled out of my horrible month-long book slump. And the only books that got me out of it were rereads and dark bully romance, which I’m loving more than I thought I would.

Kit Davenport Series (1-3) by Tate James


I loved rereading the first half of this series and can’t wait to get to the rest. Kit’s men are drool-worthy, and I love her steamy scenes.


Cruel Intentions by Siobhan Davis


I’ve been hesitant about reading more bully romance, even though I’ve loved every book I’ve read. Now, I regret not reading this dark bully romance series, which has completely consumed me. I adore the enemies-to-lovers vibe I get with Abby and Camden.

I need more friends who have fallen victim to this series, so don’t be a fool like me and wait to read it. Go, now!


Twisted Betrayal by Tate James


This dark romance takes a twisted, depraved turn I didn’t see coming. I love the new Elite and despise the old. And my girl Abby has no one to trust and is up against her conniving father.

Last month, I almost didn’t buy any books. Yes, you read that right. I almost didn’t buy any novels. But I couldn’t resist these five titles. And I am loving ALL the dark storylines!

  • Leslie from Books Are the New Black gives us a great review of The Queen of Nothing. She hit all the right highlights.
  • In her review, Jess from Fiction No Chaser makes me want to read All the Stars and Teeth.
  • I love Tay Tay from Nerd Narration. If you haven’t read her review for Tweet Cute, then you need to rectify that problem.
  • I don’t read many historical books, so I’m like Kathy from Books and Munches. But she gives Circe a stellar review.

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