Top Ten Tuesday | My Favourite Enemies-to-Lovers Couples

Happy Tuesday, bloggers!

Oh, I couldn’t resist this topic. You know me and my love (obsession) with this trope. I cannot get enough of it. Some of my top reads have it.

Top Ten Tuesday, originally created by The Broke and the Bookish and now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, is a weekly meme. This week’s prompt is a love freebie. So I picked my favourite enemies-to-lovers couples!

Abby and Kaiden from Rydeville Elite

Okay, this couple is at the top of my lovers’ list. Abby and Kaiden are hot, steamy, and tantalizing. I couldn’t stop readin their story. I’ll always recommend this bully romance!


Kit and Austin from Kit Davenport

Yeah, I wanted to punch Austin. And Kit for not starting the relationship sooner. They couldn’t stop fighting with each other, and I couldn’t stop laughing at each scene. Out of all of Kit’s men, I may love Austin the most.


Lou and Reid from Serpent & Dove

A witch and a witch hunter, what can possibly go wrong? Not this relationship, let me tell you! Their banter is what makes this novel.


Rachel and Godfrey from Savannah Heirs

Rachel and Godfrey are all-consuming. They were beyond insane together. And I shed more than a tear when I read their story. Their chemistry is off the charts. And I love their banter.


Violet and Rafe from Royals of Arbon Academy

Yes, Violet and Rafe aren’t lovers. Yet. YET. But I see it coming in the next book. I was cackling the first time they met each other. I adore Rafe. He doesn’t want Violet to see who he truly is. By the end of the book, I was a melted puddle because of him.


Hunter and Roe from A Lovely Obsession

This book is more of a stalker/enemies-to-lovers storyline. But it doesn’t disappoint. it’s a slow burn, but it’s one of the most eloquent couple I’ve ever read.

13 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday | My Favourite Enemies-to-Lovers Couples

  1. I can’t even think of one book I’ve read that has this trope in it… hm 🤔 Maybe it’s something to try out sometime!

    My TTT.


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