Beyond the Blurb | Blogging during and Coping with a Pandemic

Morning, everyone!

So the pandemic has arrived, and we don’t know what to do with ourselves, right? Yeah, I know that feeling. Some of us are confused or scared. And I get that as well. So don’t worry. And certainly don’t panic, okay? We’ve had several pandemics before, and we’ve survived them.

But what do you do during a pandemic when you’re a blogger? Well, this is new to me, so you’re not alone. Here are some tips to get through this rough time:

Don’t Panic and Find Something That Will Occupy Your Time

The last thing you want to do is to panic. Trust me. I’ve been there. I recently had a (mild) panic attack in my local grocery store. So I need to find ways to occupy my mind and time. Playing videos games, reading, or even doing puzzles or board games will eat up a lot of your time.


Keep in Connection with Your Blogger Friends

Don’t turn them away. You need your friends and family. So rely on them, depend on their love, support them yourself, and don’t let these difficult times affect you too badly.


Reading Will Help

If you’re fine with reading dystopian novels, then go ahead. But I’d suggest staying away from that genre since it may cause more panic over time. So find a genre that you know will suck you in and make you ignore everything else that affects you badly.


Keep a Routine

Don’t let the bad news consume all your time, okay? Keep to your daily routine so you don’t go insane. Routines help us more than we realize. They keep us on time and don’t cause too much havoc in our lives.


Don’t Continuously Listen to/Read the News

You don’t need bad juju right now. Set a short time every day to listen to it so you’re up to date on the latest information, especially local news. But don’t spend hours reading or listening to the news. This kind of consumption will cause more harm than good. Each day, I typically spend a few hours listening to my dedicated news stations, but I turn it off and dedicate some time to reading my books or spending time with my family or friends.


Don’t Stay on Social Media Platforms for Too Long

Twitter is basically ground zero for this pandemic. Almost every Tweet I read has something to do with this illness. And while I don’t have a problem with people voicing their concerns over this pandemic, I can’t read these posts 24/7. I can’t. My anxiety cannot handle it. So I’ve set a time limit on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms. So just upload your posts and close down that app or webpage.


Decide to Continue to Blog or Not to Blog

It doesn’t matter if you blog or don’t blog. That choice is your decision and your decision alone. You can’t let other people decide for you. So if you decide to slow your blogging during this pandemic, then do so. If you want to quit, then do so. If you want to keep on blogging or blogging more, then do it! Blogging is a great distraction.


Whether you’re a blogger or an everyday person, this pandemic is difficult to understand. I hope these tips will help everyone. If you have any more tips to give anyone, type them in the comments section!

7 thoughts on “Beyond the Blurb | Blogging during and Coping with a Pandemic

  1. I totally agree with all of these, especially keeping a routine, distancing from the news, staying occupied. I think those three things especially are key to avoiding mass panic.


  2. My anxiety rises with the amount of news I hear and read… I have definitely unplugged myself from many sites; once a day check of my local news keeps me informed, friends or family are more than willing to share (over-share) everything they have read and heard….

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  3. A great post! I especially agree with your points about not listening to the news/checking social media all the time. It’s important to stay informed, but there’s a fine line between making sure you know the current state of things and being too plugged in.


  4. Love your perspective 🙂 Everyone needs to handle it all in a way that works for them. It feels like regular life, only slower. and faster. 😉


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