Top Ten Tuesday | Five Signs You’re a Book Lover

Happy Tuesday, bloggers!

You’re a book lover. You dream about books. You think about books. And sometimes, you actually get to read them. And since we’re in lockdown, being a book lover is easy.

Top Ten Tuesday, originally created by The Broke and the Bookish and now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, is a weekly meme. The next prompt is ten signs you’re a book lover. I’ve decided to pick five!

I hope you enjoy the post.

You Own Multiple Editions of Books

Yes, I don’t typically own multiple editions since I don’t see the point. But I understand the appeal and trend. It’s odd, to me, but I do own a few different editions of a series or book.


You Scour Everywhere to Find the Right Cover

I’m guilty of this. I look far and wide for the right cover. And I get a bit grumpy when I can’t find it. A cover is the first marketing tool you see. It engages you, and sometimes if you’re weird like me, you have to own the right one.


You’re a Book Blogger

Heh. It took me years to take the plunge, but I’m so happy to have done it. Even if I don’t blog full-time right now, I still enjoy blogging. And my love of books made the decision to be a blogger easy.


Even if You Have a New Bookcase, You Need Another One

I’m horrible with this one. Even if I bought two bookcases, put one together, and still need to build the second, I desperately need more shelves. I’m horrible.


People Come to You for Book Suggestions

For years, some of my friends came to me for book suggestions. Now since I work in the industry and am a book blogger, I find more people come to me. I don’t mind. When I find a book people need to read, I won’t shut up about it.

19 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday | Five Signs You’re a Book Lover

  1. I resonate with everything (except the multiple editions—never got that part either), especially about finding the right book cover. I’m always willing to pay extra for a better cover, and movie tie-in covers are just an automatic no for me. Great post!


  2. I personally also tend to stay away from buying multiple editions but I do scour the interwebs or the local bookstore for a pretty cover. Wouldn’t call myself a complete victim to consumerism but it’s still there haha.

    My TTT


  3. I don’t typically buy multiple editions of books, but I do have a few. I’ve purchased 1) both the hardback and Kindle versions of the book, 2) a paperback book that had exclusive content, 3) first printings of books I already had in paperback, and 4) foreign language versions of some books (to read in the other language, not to collect).


  4. This is a great list! I didn’t even think about putting ‘book blogger’ on my list which in hindsight is pretty obvious.


  5. Yes, I own 4 bookshelves and they are full. I have two bookcarts now but I’m still out of room. I at least, got all the books off the floor with the carts. LOL. I also have many people coming to me for recommendations! It’s nice. 🙂


  6. Love this! I totally feel you on the finding the right cover. I can be quite picky with that and I will go to great lengths to make sure that I get my hands on the cover that first caught my eye–even if that means buying multiple copies 😅


  7. I relate to all of these on a deep & spiritual level 😂ESPECIALLY THE ALWAYS NEEDING A NEW BOOKSHELF ONE, OMG!! I feel like you’re the only one I know who understands it 😂 I am *definitely* guilting of hunting around for the ‘right’ book cover – I usually try to buy physical books from my local stores, but Australian covers are sometimes so ugly that I am forced to order from Book Depository 😅

    LOVED this list!

    💛 Ngoc


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