Top Ten Tuesday | Books on My Summer TBR

Happy Tuesday, bloggers

I don’t see much happening this summer. Well, I see more reading than ever. But I wanted to highlight some romance, middle grade (!!!), and YA titles.

Top Ten Tuesday, originally created by The Broke and the Bookish and now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, is a weekly meme. The next prompt is books on my summer TBR.

I hope you like my choices! Enjoy the read.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

I’m on book three, and I am loving this series. I cannot get enough of it. I just wish I read it earlier. However, my inner broken child is so happy I have. I feel valid. I feel like I’m not alone. And I’m okay with not having two parents. Do you know how freeing that is? Thank you, Uncle Rick.



Hate may have wrecked me. So I don’t doubt Liar will do anything else, given that it’s from one of my fave authors. I love Madison Kate and cannot wait to see the dynamic between her and the three guys.



Oh boy, I’m not okay after the cliffhanger in Rebellion. One, I need to know if my babies are okay. Two, I want revenge. Three, I WANT TO KNOW IF MY BABIES ARE OKAY. Sure, I also want to punch Galen, but he’s redeeming himself, nicely.


Cemetery Boys

Kal, my blogger squad member, has convinced me to read this book. You get a brujo trans MC. Yes, you read that correctly. So let me do a happy dance when this book comes out.


Cinderella Is Dead

A black Cinderella retelling? Excuse me while I wonder how blessed we are in 2020, which may be one of the worse years we’ve witnessed. Kalynn deserves that gorgeous cover too.


Aurora Burning

Ugh, I’m not ready. Loretta and Dev, other members of our blogger squad, make be fear reading this book. I’M NOT READY. Amie and Jay both will end me. But I’m okay with this.

18 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday | Books on My Summer TBR

  1. I understand you’re not ready for Aurora Burning, because it will break you….. Not saying anything else about this book, but be prepared!

    Cinderella is dead is a book I’m also really excited about and hope to get to asap. I need to buy it, but as I bought too many books this month the purchase might be postponed to next month. IF I can control myself.

    Furthermore, I also need to start Percy Jackson LOL.

    Happy reading!

    Here’s mine:


  2. Okay, I officially have to read the Percy Jackson series! I wasn’t sure if I should but then things have been convincing me slowly over the last few months, so I think I’m just going to do it 😂 I also can’t wait to read Cemetery Boys, Cinderella is Dead and Aurora Burning! So many great titles! Awesome list ❤


  3. Great list! I’m currently reading through Percy Jackson too! I read the first book last month but don’t know if I’ll get to book two this month. My books this month were a bit lengthy so far! lol

    My Top Ten


  4. Percy Jackson is one of my favorite series and the author is so great at creating a diverse cast of characters!! Hope you enjoy the rest of the series


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