Top Ten Tuesday | Book Events I’d Love to Go to Someday

Happy Tuesday, bloggers!

You know, I think TTT is trolling us for making us remind all the events we’ve missed this year. But oh well, we can still dream.

Top Ten Tuesday, originally created by The Broke and the Bookish and now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, is a weekly meme. The next prompt is book events I’d love to go to someday.


Word on the Street

For years, I’ve wanted to volunteer for this event. But I’ve wanted to attend as just a buyer and experience it like that. I’ve heard a lot of great experiences from my fellow Canadian book bloggers. So I’m eager to attend it eventually.



Obviously, you know I’m a Canadian blogger, so I don’t have all the options that some American bloggers have. BookCon is one of them. I’d die and go to blogger heaven if I attended. It’s one of the biggest festivals in the world. So eventually I’ll get to it.



This event is just as large as BookCon, so it has be on my list. There’s no way it couldn’t. I don’t know which event would be better: Expo or Con. But I’d love for the opportunity to go to both.


Frankfurt Book Fair

This last event is in Germany. And it’s more trade publishing-related than anything. As a marketing assistant, I’d drop everything to attend this event. Why? It’s a dream of a lifetime.

17 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday | Book Events I’d Love to Go to Someday

  1. As a fellow Canadian blogger, I am also dying to attend all of the American book events – recently moved to the States and was actually planning to go to a few of these, but then the pandemic hit. Hopefully a vaccine comes out sooner than later so these events can start happening again.

    My TTT


  2. I think for us towards the west part of the US, BookCon is just as inaccessible as it is for Canadians. Some of them I figure I won’t get the chance to go to unless I publish a book.


  3. Great list! I’ve been lucky enough to go to London Book Fair a couple of times with work, but I’d be fascinated to go to Frankfurt just because it’s so HUGE. I hope you get to go to all of these!


  4. Heh, I had the same reaction to this week’s prompt. But obviously Jana had no idea what was going to happen in 2020.

    Ah, well. We can dream of better days when visiting these festivals in person is possible once again. 🙂

    My TTT .


  5. I’m finding so many new-to-me book events with this weeks topic! I feel a bit silly because honestly I probably should know a bit more about this but apparently I live under a rock! Haha! I hope someday you do get to attend some events. And I hope that if, when, you do it’s magical.


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