Monthly Wrap-Up: August 2020

Morning, everyone!

You may or may not have known that I haven’t been around. So let me explain. One, my mental health likes nothing more than to wreck every single good thing in my life. Two, Buddy, our cat, has been having health issues. Yes, he’s an older former stray. So we knew he’d have those issues. Hopefully, my life can get back on track.

Now, book-wise, August overall was a great month. Kindle saved me from reality. And I’ll be forever grateful for it!

I hope you like the post!

This month, I didn’t touch a single physical book. I’ve been living through my Kindle. And I think I created a monster when I bought it. While I read fourteen books, I don’t feel like I did. And I’m amazed that I accomplished that number in one month.

Reign by Siobhan Davis


The Sainthood series is one of my favourite series by Siobhan. So I was more than eager to read the final book. It was going great until I brutal scene, which was completely avoidable, ruined my experience with this book. I love Harlow and her men. But Harlow needed more maturity, which could have saved a particular character.

Trigger warning: torture, abuse, graphic gang rape, sexual assault

Mayhem by C. M. Stunich


Havoc Boys may be one of my favourite series. It solidifies Stunich’s writing talent. Bernie is a strong main character who deserves all the love her men can give her. She also deserves her revenge.

Queen Takes Knights/King by Joely Sue Burkhart


I’ve heard of the Their Vampire Queen series. But I didn’t take the plunge it. While there were rough edges in the stories, I actually enjoyed the first books.

Vicious Kings and Ruthless Knights by Eva Ashwood


Both of these books had a few rough edges. But I finished them in record time. And I loved the mafia themes throughout.

The Heights Crew (1-4) by E. M. Moore


The Heights Crew is one of those series that sneak up on you, and you wonder why you didn’t read it sooner. Kyla is looking for revenge, and she isn’t afraid of destroying some lives. Her men are flawed but beautiful. I loved this series and couldn’t get enough of it.


Twice Bitten and Blood Moon by Belle Harper


I don’t read a lot of paranormal reverse harem books. I read more contemporary and some fantasy. The first book is a bit rough, but by the second book, I was intrigued. And I’m eager to finish the final book.

Jane’s Team by Janie Marie


Janie is known for her Gods and Monsters series. This standalone is an alternate universe of that series. Now, I went in with no information of the original. I went in blind. But I wish it weren’t a standalone book because these characters have so much more to offer. I loved Janie, David, Ryder, Luc, and Tercero.

Helpless by Crystal Ash


Steel Demons is my top five RH series. Crystal brings in all the feels, the pain, and the love. This book is the fifth, and you get more Shadow, who is deeply broken by his torture. Mariposa, our leading lady, is somehow healing him. And I am living for this relationship. The Steel Demons must find a new place to call home, but that comes with dangers. So I’m so excited to see what’s next.

Surprisingly, I didn’t get around to buying any physical copies. Again, I had my head stuck in a Kindle. Maybe next month!

  • Loretta, from Laughing Listener, reviewed the highly anticipated release, Where Dreams Descend. Moulin Rouge meets The Night Circus is a tall feat. But my puffball has convinced me to read it.
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  • Elaine Howlin highlights which generation read more.
  • Ally, from Ally Writes Things, gives us a list of her favourite “disaster women” books. These women were basically built for disaster. And I am loving that theme.
  • Aubrey, from The Shelf Life Chronicles, reviews Adrienne Young’s latest book, Fable. She gives it five stars!

4 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up: August 2020

  1. Great wrap up! I do find that sometimes it’s so much easier to escape reality by diving into my Kindle! And then it just goes on and on because I don’t have to go searching physically for books 😂 Hope September is a better month for you ❤


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