Monthly Wrap-Up: September 2020

Morning, everyone!

I wish September was a better month for me and my family, but it hit more bumps than anything else. So I hope the new month is better!

At the end of last month, I took some time to deal with everything, so I hope that blogging gets back on track. I’ve missed you all.

I hope you enjoy the post.

In total, I read twelve books. Last month was tough, but these novels got me through the rough days and weeks. I loved them all, but a few surprised me.

Fake by Tate James


I love the Madison Kate series. And this series may be my favourite from Tate. I do see some repetition in Madison Kate’s character choices, which took away from the reading experience, but I did enjoy the book, especially the main character’s relationship building between the men.

Evelyn Maynard Trilogy by Kaydence Snow


Kaydence Snow is one of those RH authors you know about. Yet I hadn’t read any of her books, until now. I loved this series, but I wish it was longer. She created an intriguing twist to paranormal writing. And I loved each character.

Mafia Monsters (1-3) by Atlas Rose and Kim Faulks


I have tried to stay away from vampire paranormal romance books. I’ve read so many, and they started to blend together. But Atlas and Kim both made a wonderful series.

From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout


I blame my blogger squad for getting me hooked on this series. I blame them entirely. And I wish I read it sooner. The main character and Hawke are perfect. I adore how Jennifer put a twist on this adult fantasy series.

A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire by Jennifer L. Armentrout


Ugh, this cliffhanger killed me. I’m not okay. And I cannot wait until April to get to the third book. If Jennifer wrote six more books in this series, I wouldn’t care. I’d buy and read this all!


Gifted Academy (1-4) by Michelle Hercules


I’ve tried to look for a demi-god reverse harem for such a long time. And I can’t believe I found it. I loved the crew and writing. And I’m so glad to have read this series.

Last month, I finally got around to buying actual physical copies. I’ve been so glued to my Kindle that I forgot about buying any hardcovers. I’m so excited to get to these titles!

  • Ally from Ally Writes Things discusses ebooks she’d love to have physical copies of. As an avid ebook reader, I feel so much about this post.
  • Mandy from Devouring Books reviews Adrienne Young’s Fable, one of my highly anticipated books of the year. I loved her review.
  • Dini from Dini Panda Reads gives four stars to this adorable middle grade fantasy, The Beast and the Bethany.
  • Kristin from Kristin Kraves Books discusses seasonal reading and the way seasons affect her reading.
  • Hamad from The Books Prescription reviews Punching the Air. Check out this four-star review!

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