About Me

Well, looky there, you’ve lasted past the first page. My name is Siobhan (sh-vawn). Yes, I must put in that phonetic, or you’ll never pronounce my name properly. Frankly, Sibby is the name I usually go by, so let’s use that one. Just like me, this blog has a nickname: Novelties.

Currently, I’m a Ryerson Publishing student. I’ve started this blog as a way to connect with other readers. The program I’m in has sparked my interest to create this little blog. But what inspired my love of reading and ultimately my decision to enter the publishing industry is Kelley Armstrong. From there I’ve found a passion for many genres.

I’m simply starting out as of right now. So I’ll be writing reviews and posting or re-posting any promotional materials (like cover reveals, spotlights, interviews, and trailers). I’ll provide honest reviews. I cannot guarantee positive ones, and I will not change them either. If I do not like your author’s work, I’ll state my reasons.



All content on this blog is of my own work, except for any excerpts, book covers, and blurbs (given to me by the publisher or re-posted from the author’s or publisher’s site). All book covers have come from Goodreads or the author’s/publisher’s site(s). Any and all reviews on my blog have come from personal purchases, ARCs, or the library. Each review will list the source of each book. All images––including photographs and Photoshop designs (e.g., Bookish Finds, Waiting on Wednesday*), except for book covers or other images I’ve previously asked permission to use––are mine (as stated with the copyright mark).

If I’ve drawn any inspiration from any blogger(s), I will list where I got it from, and I hope that other bloggers will do the same.


I found my background at Subtle Patterns. For the header image/banner, I’ve drawn inspiration from Dana and the Books.


* Any brushes used in these designs are not owned by me, and I’ve ensured that any brushes I do use do not need an attribution, or if they do, I’ll list it here.


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