About Me


My name is Siobhan (sh-vawn). Phonetics work wonders, don’t they? You can simply call me Sibby.

Currently, I’m a Ryerson Publishing student, and I work as a marketing and publicity assistant for Common Deer Press, a small independent Canadian publisher. I’ve started this blog as a way to connect with other readers and to gain a better understanding of the publishing industry. What has kept me here is my fellow bloggers and the book community.



I reserve the right to DNF any and all books. If I have decided not to finish an ARC, I will explain my reasons in a private email and will not post a review. If I’ve purchased said book and have decided to DNF it, I may choose to write a review. Again, that right is mine to make.

All content on this blog is of my own work, except for any excerpts, book covers, and blurbs (given to me by the publisher or re-posted from the author’s or publisher’s site). All book covers have come from Goodreads or the author’s/publisher’s site(s). Any and all reviews on my blog have come from personal purchases or ARCs. Each review will list the source of each book.

All images––including photographs (unless found on copyright-free websites) and final graphics (e.g., Beyond the Blurb, Top Ten Tuesday main headers, etc.), except for book covers or other images I’ve previously asked permission to use––have been created by me.

Please do not use these graphics since I’ve purchased the clipart myself and do not own the art itself.


I found my background at Subtle Patterns.


* Any brushes used in these designs are not owned by me, and I’ve ensured that any brushes I do use do not need an attribution, or if they do, I’ll list it here. Any clipart I’ve used for my blog header, post headers, or other designs have been purchased through Etsy or Creative Market. I do not own the graphics. I’ve simply purchased the right to use them for personal use.

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi…I came across your blog through my feed On Twitter. I saw your name and it’s parked my memory. We’re you a frequent poster, way back at a site Readers’ Paradise?
    I’ve enjoyed my first visit to your blog!


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