Beyond the Blurb | Why I’m on a Bookish Box Ban!

Morning, everyone!

For months, I have tried to ignore the growing bookish stuff I’ve collected. I thought I’d be proud of this collection. But instead, I feel like a bookish hoarder with nowhere else to go but to part with some items I know I shouldn’t have purchased.

But how did I get here? Frankly, I don’t know. I don’t understand how I went from wanting a few boxes or candles to collecting more items than I can handle. So I decided to organize what I’ve accumulated. And it wasn’t easy. Yes, some of the candles are on my new shelf. But I still have boxes leftover from Wick and Fable, Flick the Wick, Owlcrate, Shelflove Crate, Fae Crate, and even Lit Joy Crate. And I still feel as if I haven’t hit the entire collection.

So what do I do? Well, I’ve put myself on a book box ban. Yes, you’ve heard me. I’m on a ban. I’d rather spend my money on shelves and books than these boxes. But why am I on a ban though? Let’s break down the reasons why:

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Beyond the Books | Favourite Bookish Merch

Happy Monday!!

I put a little bit too much zip into that line. Ahem. This week, I want to talk about book merch. Since we don’t already have a buying problem with books, we must add bookish merch to the mix. Am I right?! I know I’m not alone. I’m slowly building my collection, and I cannot believe how much there is already out there. But what should you look for when you’re on the hunt for these goodies? Well, here are my top five favourites and my tips on buying them:


Candles/Book Candle Boxes

I’m turning into my mother. 😭😂 But I love collecting bookish candles. I first got hooked when I saw bookstagrammers use them. And since I want to transition to Instagram shortly, I know I’ll need to collect quite a few. I’ve mainly stuck with Flick the Wick and Wick and Fable. These two companies offer such a great array of boxes and choices for their customers. I’d definitely recommend them!

But these box subscriptions can be quite pricey, especially with currency conversion, so be careful before you order! And always look for rep codes, which are your best friend.


Art Prints

I always want to support artists and designers. These prints are a great way to show off a book, create an art album, or hang up on your walls. I usually find them on Instagram. Etsy, Redbubble, and even the artist’s own website are good options if you are looking for a great deal. Redbubble routinely offers discounts on its items, so benefit from them and group your order. You can also look on Society6.

But a word of warning for any international buyers, be careful with the rate conversion, which will be steep, and you may get hit with a huge duties charge once your package ships to you. I’ve learned that the hard way.


Book Boxes

I’ve been blogging for more than two years now, and I’ve bought only one book subscription box, Owlcrate‘s limited edition Vicious & Vengeful Box. Even though I haven’t read Vicious yet (why do I do this?!), I’m bloody stoked. I absolutely love how each box caters to the theme of the book.

The best way to save on these is to look into subscriptions and to find rep codes. Both of these options will save you some money, anywhere from 5% to 10%, and some websites may offer a 10% discount code for ordering, so use it up for your next purchase!



I never knew I’d ever collect pillows, but here I am! 🤦‍♀️ But with the joking aside, I’ve grown to love them. You may find them in subscription boxes (book or candle) or on sites like Society6 and Redbubble. They look awesome in Instagram shots and on your bed (if your significant other is okay with that. If not, whack them for me).

The cheapest way to collect these beauties is to buy just the pillowcase, not the pillowcase with the insert. The shipping costs will be lowered, and your credit card will thank you. You can always find pillow inserts at Walmart.


Book Sleeves

I’ve fallen in love with these. I’ve collected ACOTAR, Lunar Chronicle, and ADSOM sleeves, and I know I’ll probably order some more. Two of my favourite stores are Baby My Book and Pages Remembered. Both of these store owners have helped me place an order, group several orders (because, you know, I forget to look through an entire store before I confirm an order), and give up updates on new sleeves.

You can always wait for sales, or you can ask the store owners if they offer rep codes or discounts on shipping (which is a pain if you don’t live in the US).


What’s your favourite merch? What do you collect the most? What haven’t you collected? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to find new merch (my bank account would like to say otherwise)!