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Morning, bloggers!

This week feels as if it has been a month. And I’m still trying to process everything. 😂 I’m not alone, right? I’ve been at two different hospitals on four separate trips. And I’m done. The weekend cannot come soon enough.

Jess and Teagan from Fiction No Chaser tagged me in their first tag. I’ve been trying to find the right characters and songs for this post, so it’s taken me much longer than I anticipated. But it’s here! I want to thank my two dark souled sisters for tagging me.


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Three-Day Lyrical Challenge (Take 2 and Day 1)

Hey, book bloggers!

I’ve been waiting to do this post. Taylor from Nerd Narration tagged me for this challenge. Thank you, Taylor! 💜 I can’t help but agree with her. You all know of my love for books, but not many will realize that music holds a special meaning in my life as well.

Before you get to the rest of my post, check out her blog. Over the last year, I’ve seen Taylor and her blog grow, and I love seeing her posts in my feed.

The rules are simple:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Share one of your favorite song/lyrics one at a time for three days.
  3. Nominate three other bloggers each day.

Today is the first day of the challenge. One thing you should know about me is that I live for Nine Inch Nails. The band, the lyrics, and the emotions behind this music are what keep me fighting. So without much ado, here is one of my favourite NIN titles!

I’ve become impossible holding on to when
When everything seemed to matter more
The two of us
All used and beaten up
Watching fate as it flow down the path we
Have chose
You and me
We’re in this together now
None of them can stop us now
We will make it through somehow
You and me
If the world should break in two
Until the very end of me
Until the very end of you
Awake to the sound as they peel apart the skin
They pick and they pull
Trying to get their fingers in
Well they’ve got to kill what we’ve found
Well they’ve got to hate what we fear
Well they’ve got to make it go away
Well they’ve got to make it disappear
The farther I fall I’m beside you
As lost as I get I will find you
The deeper the wound I’m inside you
For ever and ever I’m a part of
You and me
We’re in
You and me
We’re in this together now
None of them can stop us now
We will make it through somehow
You and me
Even after everything
You’re the queen and I’m the king
Nothing else means anything


I don’t want anyone to feel pressured. But I thought you’d like doing this challenge. If you do, link back to my post!

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