The Television Tag

Morning, book lovers,

This week is the last one of the month, and I cannot wait for a new month. Since reading is my number one pastime, watching TV shows is definitely my second. And I am loving all the non-book-related tags! Brittany from Perfectly Tolerable tagged me. And I want to thank her for thinking of me.

I hope you all enjoy the quick read! Have fun, everyone.

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Out of My Comfort Zone Book Tag

Do you know how long I’ve been dreading this tag? I love tags. You all know I do. But I’ve been wondering how long I’d push this one off. The lovely Kathy from Books and Munches tagged me. Or should I say torture me?

One Major Rule

You have to pick ONE GENRE that you frequently read about and then you can’t use ANY books from that genre while answering the questions!

WHY WOULD ANYONE MAKE THIS RULE?! Okay, okay. I’m fine. I always read YA fantasy, so I’m screwed for all of these questions. 😅 Let’s get to the post, yes?

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Top Ten Tuesday | Books I Love But Probably Won’t Read Again

I hate these sorts of lists. I don’t like reading a book just once. I hope to enjoy it multiple times. Unfortunately, since I’m such a bloody emotional reader, some books have disappeared from my TBRR list. This week’s Top Ten Tuesday, created by The Broke and the Bookish and now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, discusses books we won’t reread. Here are my picks:


The Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo

I adore Leigh and her writing. I cannot get enough of her work. Even though The Language of Thorns is one of my favourite fairy tale collections, I don’t usually reread anthologies. But with this one though, I don’t want to damage this beautiful book any further. Yeah, I’m weird. I don’t like when books are damaged. But this is so damn gorgeous though. It should be cherished…from afar and with special white gloves.

…And there go my Sheldon tendencies again.


Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

I absolutely love this time travel series. And I’m a dedicated follower of the show (who isn’t when you have Sam playing Jamie?!). But I can’t reread the book again. The first one is beautifully written, but the ending gutted me, and I cannot read Jamie’s torture again. I’d rather trade a month of not reading than put myself through that scene. I don’t know how readers stomach it.


The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw

I’m still debating over this choice. I loved reading The Wicked Deep, and I’ll recommend it to everyone. But since I’m a mood reader, I feel that I’d just wreck myself all over again. The ending is predictable, but the emotions are not. I never thought a standalone novel would do that to me, but here I am.


The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

Long story short, I balled after I finished reading Nightingale. My mom happened to walk in on my cryfest, so I explained what happened in the book, then cried even harder. The book is gut-wrenching. Even though I recommend it to historical lovers, I tend to warn them about it since it has strong character arcs that some readers may not like.


Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice

Yes, in my high school years, I went the “dark” path, and I haven’t wavered much past it (neither has the colour of my clothes). So I was a huge Vampire Chronicles fan. Unfortunately, it hasn’t aged well, nor have I regained my love for it. Some issues stemmed from when the author sicked her fans onto a blogger who gave her book a one-star review. I understand some authors hate seeing that kind of review. But the way Anne handled the whole situation by blatantly telling her fans to bully this poor blogger made me lose all my respect for the writer.

Don’t believe me? Find more information here.

Bookish Finds (2)

The Bookish Find Banner 7_edited-1

Bookish Finds is a monthly series that features bookish products. This month’s post will showcase book-inspired candles! (Oh, my mother will be so proud of me. 😌)

So Owlcrate inspired this post. This month’s box contained The Melting Library‘s Celaena’s Cake. These little delights will be a great treat for anyone who wants to enhance the reading experience, who reads an ereader (my sympathies to my electronic friends, smells do not apply), or who, well, love everything bookish (AHEM. Yeah, that’s me. My house will smell like books and nothing else!). SO here you go, dearies.


Lallybroch Soy Candle


I can’t ask much else than to smell Jamie Fraser’s home, Lallybroch. Well, if I can get a whiff of him, I can die happy. So this beauty is made by Frostbeard, which makes an array of candles based on books and is soy based (no carcinogens!). The scent combines whisky, peat moss, and wood smoke (so the Scotland Highlands). This 8 oz. candle has a rather strong scent, according to the maker, so be prepared!


Always Victorious Candle

il_570xN.1041323857_tcgw.jpgSabaa Tahir’s An Ember in the Ashes inspired this torch (if you don’t get this reference, I may hurt you). Just like the Celaena’s Cake candle, this one comes from The Melting Library as well. This candle combines cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, firewood, and fresh rain to create a delightful smell that will remind you of Elias Venturius (I see what you did there, The Melting Library). Always Victorious is also an 8 oz. soy based. I wish I had this when I was reading A Torch against the Night.


Bookish-type Candle Set


Oh, look at how cute they are. THEY’RE SO FLUFFY. Ahem… These cute darlings are made by Novelly Yours. You receive four 2 oz. candles: Villainous: storms, forest, fire; Book Boyfriend: cologne and cotton; Shipping It: ocean, outdoors, and cotton; and Currently Reading: book pages, coffee, cotton, and fire. I love the names!


Fandom Candles


You have a choice to pick two of these 4 oz. soy candlesPret a Geek is rather cruel. The store forces you to decide which candles you want. The horror. That decision may be harder than you think. You can choose the following: Wizard’s Feast, Mrs. Weasley’s Cookies (!), Butter Beer (!!!), Merrier Place, The Shire (Oh, I want this), Rose Tyler I, Police Box Blue, How You Brewin’?, and Winter Is Coming (there goes my bank account).


The Night Court Candle


Ugh. I need to read this series! Anyways, Seven Hearts Co. has perfected this faetastic candle. The scent includes citrus, star jasmine, and ocean water, which will make you think you think Rhys is right next to you (according to the maker, not me). This candle is 8 oz. and burns for approximately 55 hours (the longest burn time out of all these).



Bookish Finds (1)

The Bookish Find Banner 7_edited-1

Hi, everyone!

I’m starting a new monthly series called Bookish Finds*, which will highlight book-related products. The Book Riot inspired me on this little adventure with its Book Fetish series. (And quite a few book bloggers have followed suit, so I wouldn’t mind throwing in my picks as well.)

I try to find anything bookish, even if my bank account doesn’t agree with me. Some items on Bookish Finds may be conversation pieces, and some may be the most talked-about find. So during my search, I’ll recommend these products. Hopefully, I can find your next bookish gift for someone special or you (admit it: the gift’s for you).

Happy buying!



* Please note that all the items I showcase are of my own choosing, and I have not received any payment––monetary or otherwise––to put them in this series. I have linked all products to the designer/maker, and I do not claim them as my own. I have no affiliation with any designer/maker or website(s). And yes, I came up with that name myself. I haven’t snagged it from another blogger.


Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children T-shirt 


One of my favourite online stores is Out of Print. It has designed this peculiar t-shirt (heh), which coincides with the upcoming theatrical release of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. If you don’t want a top, you can always buy a tote or a pouch.


Pride and Prejudice Book Scarf


Austen swag? Yes! I’m sold. This Pride and Prejudice book scarf is a great Etsy find from The Ohlala. You will find many a scarf at this unique shop. I’m certainly eyeing this one, the Lord of the Rings, The Marauder’s Map, and the Game of Thrones Map scarves!


Outlander-Inspired Scottish Thistle Bracelet

I’m always looking for anything Outlander. What I love about this Outlander silver bracelet by Serrelynda is that it looks as if it was made in the 18th century. I am in awe of the simplicity and elegance of this piece. You can find other wonderful pieces made by Sara at her Etsy shop.


Hogwarts Letter


Here’s your very own Hogwarts acceptance letter by PraxisStore. Potterheads will be thrilled when they finally receive their letter from Hogwarts. I’m still waiting on mine!

This package contains the original Hogwarts letter with materials and the book list, a Hogwarts Express ticket, and a letter from the Ministry of Magic, which apologizes for not using the traditional owl delivery service (a great touch!).

You can also add a Marauder’s map, a custom wand, a snitch, a chocolate frog (which is not edible), a deathly Hallows pendant, a timeturner, a Hogwarts trunk (15 cm x 12 cm), or a bottle of Felix Felicis pendant. This package is also available in Spanish, English, and Galician.


Cainsville Series T-shirts

Kelley Armstrong has delivered on her promise for Cainsville merchandise! She offers a Gabriel’s law firm t-shirt, a gargoyle t-shirt, and a Satan’s Saints t-shirt. All designs are offered in a variety of options. Both the law firm and Satan’s Saints shirts come in another option where you can have the gargoyle design on the back (showed in above photo).