Movies That Get Me in the Christmas Spirit

You know, I had created an entire month’s worth of blog posts in my mind, but I forgot to get to them. Yeah, I didn’t plan that idea out well, now did I? So I’m trying, but failing, to catch up on that list. And how do I pull that off? Make a list.

Like Halloween, Christmas is one of my favourite holidays. I rarely celebrate any other ones. So you’ll quickly figure out that I own a large collection of Christmas-themed movies. So to kick off Christmas Eve, I’ll highlight the top six movies I love watching during Christmas.


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Blogoween | Films I Love Watching in October

Morning, book fam!

I am thrilled to do my very first Blogoween post! So I’m not surprised that I want to start off my week-long adventure with my favourite Halloween films. I love many titles, but some have rightfully earned their place on my must-watch list.

So without much ado, here are the top five films I love watching in October/for Halloween!

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